Best Day trips from Ljubljana

Best Day Trips from Ljubljana

Best Day trips from Ljubljana

Slovenia, a beautifully tiny country on the south of Central Europa, has of late gained too much paparazzi, thanks to the vibrant capital city of Ljubljana! The greenest city of the continent conjures a personification of eco-travelling, and justifies to the meaning of its name (Ljubljana means Beloved here!). The city is practically bite-sized, with most inhabitants using bicycles as their mode of transportation. As wonderful as it sounds, most of the Central District is now pedestrian. The pristine Ljubljanica River boasts an Amsterdam-ish vibe, with cafes and restros lined on the river bank. With so much to unwind, your vacay is bound to fall short of time. However, the periphery of this city is equally alluring. So when on an extended vacation, include the below mentioned best daytrips from Ljubljana:

1. Zagreb

Surprisingly, Zagreb hasn’t been featured on as many itineraries as it should, despite the wide popularity of Croatian coasts. Classic Central European grace matched with a bustling city centre make Zagreb a perfect urban outing from Ljubljana. Architectural buffs may begin their sojourn with the Cathedral of Assumption of Holy Virgin Mary and St. Mark’s Church. Then there are some amazing museums, with The Mimara Museum and The Archaeological Museum stealing the show. Both buses and trains take 2 and half hours’ time to get you to Zagreb. You can choose drive by yourself and reach in 2 hour’s time.

2. Maribor

To witness the ‘other’ side of Slovenia, nothing beats the Austria influenced town of Maribor. With a signature, delightfully pleasant Old Town, Maribor lets you unravel prominent tourist spots like The Town Hall, Plaque Memorial, Cathedral on Slomskov Square and Maribor Castle. Visit the Old Vine if you are a wine lover; it’s the oldest vine in the word! In fact, if you are lucky enough to be visiting Maribor in the end of September, get swept away by the Annual Old Vine Festival, a celebration of wine harvest. To reach Maribor, catch a train from Ljubljana and get there in 1h 50min. Or you can opt for a bus ride and reach in a little over an hour and a half.

3. Lake Bled

Well, if you are nature lover and have got just one day for a day trip from Ljubljana, Lake Bled is your ultimate calling! Seeing postcard pictures of this place is one thing, and witnessing it for real is entirely surreal! A vast water body with forests and snow-capped Julien Mountains in the backdrop give you the most ideal location for a peaceful getaway. Trek along the easy 2 km circuit to gawk at this divine beauty from every possible angle. And of course, there’s a castle here too! Visit the Bled Castle to explore its museum and the epic wine cellar. If you have enough time on your hand, don’t miss out Vintgar Gorge, a natural wonder that lets you hike in rocky paths over wooden bridges along the Radovna River. The idea of driving along this gorgeous driveway is the most striking. A car drive will get you there in barely 40 minutes. or you can go for a public transport and reach in about 1h 15min.

4. Piran

Among all the Istrian coastal towns in Slovenia, Piran tops the charts with its peninsular Venetian look, sweeping sea views and winding alleyways. Starting with Tartinijev Trg, the city’s Old Town actually makes you feel like you are in Italy, since Piran itself was a part of Italy for a long time. Head on to Ulica IX Korpusa as you make your way to the Piran city walls; the place offers some gorgeous panoramas over the Gulf of Trieste. Then spin off towards the Church of St, George and climb up its Bell Tower for even bigger views. The quickest way to cover the 121 km distance between Ljubljana and Piran is by car, taking less than an hour and a half to reach. Buses take 2-2.5 hours to get you there, while trains take no less than 3 hours.

5. Lake Bohinj

Lake Bled is not the only aqua jewel of Slovenia; the land is blessed with another equally gorgeous water wonder, Lake Bohinj. Just 26 km southwest of Bled is this lake, larger in size and fewer in crowds. So if you got no plans to push against tourist hordes at Bled, try this one! Take a walk in the 12 km circuit around the lake, or simply row a boat from the lakeside town of Ribčev Laz. Bus rides are the most convenient option and can get you here in less than 2 hours.

6. Postojna Caves

You may have heard of the science geeks-adored Skojcan Caves. Well, Postojna are for the regular people like us! With over 20 km of karst caves spread underground in Postojna, you are bound to get transported to a mysterious world. Ride in the cave’s electric railway towards the Hall of Great Mountain. The grand geological formations here look like an artificial movie set. Many buses leave from Ljubljana for Postojna Caves to get you there in about an hour’s time, 15 minutes more or less depending upon the traffic. You can even choose to drive yourself and reach there in about 40 minutes.

You must be surprised to know that the country you knew so little about has so much to offer! Well, Slovenia does take its visitors by awe.