Best Day trips from Lima

Best Day Trips from Lima

Best Day trips from Lima

A sprawling metropolis stretching endlessly from the ocean into the hills, Lima initially doesn't resemble the tourist images of brightly dressed Andean villagers posed with their llamas with a backdrop of mountains. But, a closer look to this huge city will give you a chance to observe the ‘all fascinating and colourful as the inland’ scenes you have ever imagined! From its intricate colonial architecture to its beautiful buildings complete with carves wooden balconies, to the spacious green parks and energetic Oceanside suburbs, this place is one of the best holiday destinations of the world! For the tourists eager to explore what the places beyond the wall have to offer, here is a rundown of the best day trips you can plan from Lima:

1. Ballestas Islands

Referred to as the 'Poor Man’s Galapagos', the Ballestas Islands are located off the coast of Peru. The entire day can be spent with the friendly sea lions observing the plethora of sea bird variety the place has to offer including boobies, flamingos, pelicans, cormorants and Humboldt penguins. The perfect getaway destination for the nature enthusiasts and bird-lovers, Ballestas Islands is one of the trips you can’t afford to miss. One of the greatest sights to be seen is the giant prehistoric geoglyph called the El Candelabro. The only way to travel to the beautiful islands is through guided tours, buses specially assigned to the task taking about 5 and half hours of travel time.

2. Paracas National Reserve

Located on the Paracas Peninsula, this alluring Reserve has been built for serving a dual purpose. The primal reason was the offer protection for the local flora and fauna, especially the birds. Another reason was the preservation of the cultural heritage of the ancient inhabitants, serving home to several archaeological sites within the boundaries of the reserve. Some of the most famous and distinct bird species include Humboldt penguin, Peruvian diving petrel and the blue-footed booby. The most comfortable journey can be completed in a car taking 5h 15mins. Other options include Bus PeruBus taking 5h 45mins and the taxi again taking 5h 15mins.

3. Caral

Counted as the 'oldest town in the New World', Caral is claimed to be dating back to the 2600 BC. Today witnesses the place as an archaeological site boasting pyramids built around the same time era. You can spend the day seeing the remains of the ancient temples, adobe complexes and several sunken circular plazas remnants of the grandeur of the era. Located on a dry terrace above the Supe Valley, this is one of the best day trips for the history lovers and archaeology enthusiasts. The best journey can be covered in a car, giving you the most comfortable and time efficient experience, taking just 2h 45mins of road time. Other options for the journey includes taxi taking 2h 30mins and buses taking more or less the same road time for the journey.

4. Huacachina

Though the general terrain of Peru is covered in rainforests, Huacachina stands the contrast housing the huge sand dunes. Right in the heart of the place is a small lagoon completely surrounded by palm trees, giving you the chance to observe the true desert oasis. The perfect outing destination for the adrenaline junkies, the sand dunes surrounding the town is a mine of outdoor activities such as sand-boarding and dune buggying. The most time efficient journey can be covered in a car taking you 4 hours of road time. However the recommended journey is through the Bus PeruBus taking 5 hours of journey time.

5. Pucusana

The perfect destination for people looking to evade the crowds, Pucusana is a traditional Peruvian fishing village. The main draw-card of the place is the picturesque harbour, the fresh seafood, and relaxed atmosphere, giving you ample time to let loose. The two famous destinations in the area include Devils’ Mouth and Christ’s Face. Spend you day here taking a stroll through the famous points and end it with a dip into the water of the bay. The viable ways to make it a day trip includes the cars taking 4 hours and the Bus taking an hour more than that.