Best Day trips from Las Vegas

Best Day Trips from Las Vegas

Best Day trips from Las Vegas

The unarguable hub of extravagance and entertainment right in the heart of the Nevada Desert, Las Vegas is the place that features a bucket list for every kind of traveller! An oasis of debauchery and gamble, the place hosts as many bright lights and bustling casinos as natural wonders. Offering infinite glitz to the easy money makers and resort vacationers, this Sin City can drown you into extreme self-indulgence within seconds, and maybe leave you to guilt trips all your life! Like they say, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’ Parallelly, if you ask what’s there to do for non-gamblers and non-revellers, we’d say there’s a whole world to unravel! For connoisseurs, the volume and concentration of the Strip’s celebrity chefs, US’s awesome food franchises and hatted fine diners are hard to keep a track of, both in terms of the spectrum of flavours and the depth of your wallets! Nature lovers can indulge in the scenic beauty of the spectacle surrounding Las Vegas, The Meadows! Epic mountains, alpine forests and vast sun-baked canyons, there’s an overdose of nature’s warm embrace here. And one of its qualities people often overlook is the incredible day trips this city offers. So, after you are done with all things Vegas, try these best day trips from Las Vegas:

1. Red Rock Canyon NCA

Nevada’s first National Conservation Area, this one is stationed in the Mojave Desert 17 miles south of Las Vegas’s Downtown area. A perfect, soothing respite from the bright lights of Vegas, it hosts a bunch of events throughout the year. For adrenaline junkies, this canyon is the ultimate dope, drawing millions of adventurers every year for hiking, mountain biking, horse-riding and rock climbing. Besides that, the variety of flora and fauna is immaculate too here; you can witness wild tortoises, bighorn sheep, wild burros, feral horses and coyotes! There is a gorgeous 13-mile scenic drive from Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon that gets you to destination in about 20-30 minutes. Alternatively, you can use public transit to save a few bucks.

2. Boulder City

Hardly 30 miles east of the Vegas Strip, on your way to Lake Mead, this city was built in 1930’s to provide shelter for the Hoover Dam construction workers and families. The city housing the historic Boulder Dam Hotel, this day trip from Las Vegas is the only place in Nevada that prohibits public gaming. Boulder City’s historical Old Town hosts a number of quaint shops that sell Native American jewellery and artefacts. Overall, it’s a nice getaway for the history habitués. You to travel from Las Vegas to Boulder City by car or taxi, reaching in half an hour’s time. Alternatively, you can opt for bus services that take about an hour but are dirt cheap!

3. Grand Canyon West AZ

This gorgeous natural endowment of Western Arizona is about 300 miles away from Las Vegas. Over millions of years, the Colorado River carved this natural wonder, making it a top-rated tourist destination frequented by millions of travellers every year. There are options for hiking, camping and backpacking as well. Amongst the two routes between Vegas and Grand Canyon, prefer the West Rim if you are self-driving. Despite the dirt roads that may hiccup the road for a while, this route offers excellent vistas and a shorter drive time. Plus, you get quick access to the famous Skywalk and a horse-shaped Cantilever Bridge. The most preferred way is to drive by yourself and get there in about 3 and half hours. The length of journey can be a bit taxing, so it’s better to start off early, or take up the helicopter ride if you are time crunched and heavy-pocketed.

4. Mt. Charleston

Located 35 miles from Las Vegas, at a height of about 11,912 ft., Mt. Charleston on a random day, is 20-30 degrees cooler than The Sin City! This panoramic recreational area located in the Spring Mountain is a great getaway to escape the Nevada desert heat. Offering immense outdoor opportunities, you can choose anything between hiking, mountain biking, camping, picnicking and a lot more! Educational activities are organized on a regular basis here, with options open for you to volunteer in saving its ecosystem. You can even enjoy camping here, with facilities available from May through September. In winters, a nice layer of snow beautifies the place further, letting you indulge in sledding and snow fighting! Mt. Charleston is barely an hour’s drive from Las Vegas. You can choose to rent a taxi or maybe drive by yourself. Bus services take relatively longer, almost double the time.

5. Zion National Park

Located in Springdale, Utah, Zion National Park features some awe-inspiring vistas that are hard to soak in in a day’s time. Known for its colour variety with red, pink and white rock formations coupled with a lush greenery of the Conifer Forests and multi-coloured wildflowers, this park is home to desert areas as well as ponds and waterfalls accessible after a challenging hike. You can even rent a campsite in the park for overnight stays. A haven for young visitors, you can bring in your kids to make them learn about the park’s history via pictures, books, games and various activities. This 160 mile stretch between Vegas and Zion National Park is a 2 and half hour drive. Alternatively, you can go for the St. George Shuttle services that provides more than 10 day trips per day.

6. Dixie National Forest

Located near Cedar City, Utah, this much frequented recreational area spans more than 2 million acres from the Great Basin to Colorado River. With hundreds of miles of forest vistas, you can click photographs all day! Again, there are ample opportunities for hiking, biking, camping, skiing and horseback riding. Most of these activities in the forest are unregulated, but you need to take special permits in case of mushroom picking, wood cutting, rock collecting, videography and hosting large group events. Albeit you are free to camp anywhere in this region! Dixie National Forest is a 2h 45m drive from Las Vegas. Cars and taxis are the only viable options in this case, as buses take way too long to get you there.