Best Day trips from La Paz, Bolivia

Best Day trips from La Paz, Bolivia

Best Day trips from La Paz, Bolivia

One of the most iconic cities of Bolivia, La Paz, boasts a contrasting urban city culture to the splendid monuments and landscapes of the Bolivian countryside. Gothic spires rivaling with flashy hotels and cobblestones syncing in with concrete roads, La Paz is an ideal example of remodeling!

Apart from the urban culture in the city, there's plenty to see and explore around La Paz as well. From high altitude hikes to streaming tropical valleys, day trips from La Paz serve busting exertions! Check out these best day trips from La Paz:

1. Tiwanaku and Lake Titicaca

A Drive up to this iconic pre-Columbian city of Tiwanaku is totally worth it if you are into archaeology and history. The largest and most significant remains of the empire are located at the Tiwanaku Archeological site, which includes pyramids, temples with exemplary carvings and mysterious stone faces- all dating back to 200 BC! The highlight of this empire is the Kalasasaya temple, Akapana Pyramid and the monolithic Puerta Del Sol (Sun Gate). You can enjoy lunch just by the lake or just explore the communities around the lakeside. A one hour drive from the city gets you here. You can also take a bus ride from the city or maybe rent a car to reach in around 3 hours.

2. Moon Valley

One of the best accessible options for a city tour from La Paz is a tour to Moon Valley. As soon as you reach Moon Valley, you will be amazed by this surreal nature park! Short but enjoyable series of walking trails lead through a maze of wind-eroded rock towers, a much needed change from the urban landscapes of La Paz. A half- day tour to Moon valley from La Paz would suffice to explore it all. You can get here through the means of Quadbikes Tour. You can also opt for a taxi from the city or hop on to any bus leading to Mallasa.

3. Bike down death road to Coroico

One of the most extreme and popular locations near La Paz include the Death Road. The treacherously narrow road has been given the title of the most dangerous road in the world! With sheer drop-offs of several 100s feet, this bike trip is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. After some heart stomping moments and incredible views, you will arrive in the small tropical town of Coroico. The absolute greenery and eternal beauty fits best after a thrilling experience. And if you wish to stay instead of returning to La Paz, head to Vagante River Springs for a swim under its waterfall and experience one of the best day trips from La Paz. This 103km distance from La Paz Coroico can be covered in two and half hours. You can alternate with minivans and minibuses and reach in 2 hours.

4. El Alto Market

Locally known as 16 de Julio, El Alto market is one of the biggest in the entire continent! You can find everything imaginable in this massive outdoor space. Known for its high altitude, cold climate and bustling streets, this market is a perfect destination for shopaholics. Open on Thursdays and Sundays, this day trip is a perfect place to experience local Bolivian Life. Some other El Alto Market attractions include Polifunction de la Ceja, Mi Teleferico cable car, El Alto international airport as well as a cluster of small museums and cultural institutions. Being 4000m above sea level, the destination serves some breathtaking views over La Paz and of the snow-capped mountains. The best way to get here is via the city's scenic cable car. Also, you can take one of the local white minibuses from San Francisco plaza, which takes 30 minutes to get here.

5. Chacaltaya

A glacier and a former ski resort that has been long melted, Chacaltaya is a fun day trip from La Paz. People who wish to set a personal altitude record without actually doing much of climbing should not miss this destination. A short walk from the road leading to the Mountains' peak is enough to leave you stunned and breathless. Being Around 6000m above sea level, once you reach the top, the peak serves some drop-dead gorgeous views of La Paz, El Alto, and Lake Titicaca. The best way to get here is by your car as you will find no public transport up here.

The sites surrounding La Paz are even more breathtaking than the city charm!

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