Best Day Trips from Langkawi

Best Day Trips from Langkawi

Best Day Trips from Langkawi

Langkawi, an incarnated paradise for all those seeking a respite from the routine trauma, is the most frequented tourist spot in Asia! Tour to Langkawi is one of those holiday plans that feel like a whole world tour in it. And why not! The place gives you the best photographs of tropical islands with its proud mountains, 99 unique islands and bushy forests!

A trip to Langkawi is one the best decisions to take as it offers many other small one day excursions to explore. So check out the best day trips from Langkawi:

1. Pantai Cenang

The most developed western coastal area in Langkawi; Pantai Cenang is the main hub of this atoll. The main attraction here is Pantai Cenang Beach, a long trail of white sand beach, boasting pleasant turquoise shaded waters with casuarinas and coconut trees to add to its beauty. The area has the most luxurious hotels and restaurants for the affluent, but is affordable at the same time. Due to its beaches, views of the ocean, local culture and activities, Pantai Cenang is always high on demand! The destination is 20 minutes away from Langkawi and can be easily reached by taxi or rental car.

2. Mangrove tour

Corner the world and get tangled with the roots of mangroves! The journey through the mangrove forest of Langkawi not only gives you the scenic view of flora but also makes eagle spotting easier. The place also offers a good trekking trail for the adventurous people. On the route to mangrove forest, you can check out the lovely village of Langkawi- Tanjung Rhu. To start the journey, first you have to take a local bus or taxi to reach the village Tanjung Rhu, and from there, you can start your mangrove tour by taking some tour package and hiring a guide. Taxis are available to reach the village for further adventure.

3. Pantai Kok

Pantai Kok is one of the greatest beaches on the western coastal area, more famous for its upscale resorts and private beaches. The serene view of beach and ocean, lush green forest and mountain slopes of this area offers some great walk through nature. This unspoiled destination has some great tourist attractions like seven wells waterfall and cable car tour. The island is 40 minutes away from Langkawi. The best and only way to reach here is a taxi. It is recommended to hire a taxi for a round trip or a car for self drive.

4. Kuah town

Finally found the island of duty-free shopping! Though the area doesn't have any beach but has popular attractions of Langkawi such as eagle square, parklands like CHOGM and Lagenda and the Gunung Raya golf course. Among all the attractions duty-free shopping centers take the stage! There are some amazing shopping centers like Langkawi fair, Jetty Point Complex and many more. To reach the Kuah town, you can rent a taxi and reach the place within 10 minutes.

5. Pulau Payar Marine Park

Malaysia's 1st marine park, Palau Payar Marine Park gives you the never-ending experience of nature under the sun and in the crystal-clear water. The ocean supports a diversified marine life; so get into the water and have a look! But if you want to stay dry then walk on the glass-bottomed platform to get the scenic view of life under water. So, on the trip to Pulau Payar- work on your appetite with lovely restaurants, swimming into the ocean, walk the glass path and be lazy on the beach. To reach the destination, taxi and cars are available that get you to your destination within 20 minutes.

6. Pulau Dayang Bunting

The second largest island of Langkawi, Pulau Dayang Bunting is the most amazing island around. The magnificent hill view, lush green mangrove forest and fresh vibes make the destination worth a visit. Apart from all this, the island is also famous for its freshwater lake- the Lake of Pregnant Woman (myth- the woman becomes fertile once she takes a dip into the waters of this lake), which allows activities like swimming and boating! To reach the Kuah town, hire a taxi and reach there within 10 minutes, and for the next 15 minutes, get a ferry and ride on that to reach the destination.

A trip to Langkawi is ideal for some recreational vacation to break the monotonous work life. So, pack your bags to unveil the little secrets of this cluster of islands!

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