Best Day Trips from Lagos

Best Day Trips from Lagos

Best Day Trips from Lagos

Lagos, a lively, beautiful city situated on the Western Algarve Coastline, offers beaches, pleasant historic centres and an exquisite nightlife. Drinking and good times continue to be a fundamental part of a visit to Lagos and local fests and fiesta stand as a testament to this. There’s so much to see in this city- the streets of City Centre where stonework adorns windows and doors, the iron works on the balcony and the whole aura sweeping across the land. The Municipal Museum has got a very nice and interesting collection of archaeology and sacred art. Besides that, the isle is also full of open air cafes and good public transport links to the outlying towns, hence becoming a perfect base to take day trips around Portugal.

Lagos serves as the perfect setting to fully explore the Algarve Coastline. The list of beautiful towns that are ideal for one day trips and are accessible from the public transport is bigger than what you can cover in a single trip to Portugal. And the best part is that public transport links are so awesome that you’d never need to get a rental car! Below is the list of the day trips you can take from Lagos if you wish to enjoy something more than just beaches:

1. Silves

Silves, a delightful fortified town on the rolling hills of the northern Algarve, just close to the cooling waters of the Arade River, has a calm and peaceful vibe. A perfect day trip from Lagos with a distinctly Portuguese ambience, Silves boasts open air cafes, cobbled streets and a relaxed pace of life. The main tourist attraction in Silves is the large red stoned castle that stands high above the city. This combination of exciting sights, Portuguese charm and rich history makes this town a must visit town when in Lagos. It is a 40 minute journey by train, but there are limited daily services; so don’t forget to keep a track of that. If you choose to rent a car, it will take you 35 minutes to reach. Buses take an hour to get you there.

2. Sagres and Cabo De Vicente

Sagres is a region of massive cliffs, vast beaches and raging seas. The best place for surfing, beach hangouts, and laid back bars in the entirety of Portugal, the trendy vibes in Sagres can be found throughout the year. Cabo de Vincente, known for its famous lighthouse, has a beam visible for 50 km from front of the lighthouse! You get a fantastic view of the sweeping sands of the Lagos bay with the Monchique hills in the backdrop, seeing all the way to Sagres to the west and past Albufeira to the east! Both these places can be reached easily by bus, taking 40-60 minutes of travel time. Road trips would take about 40m to get you there, while it’s a 15 minute further drive from Sagres to Cabo.

3. Portimao and Praia da Rocha

These are 2 different towns but close enough to visit in one day. Praia da Rocha is positioned on the beach and is super loud and lively. The main street is filled with themed bars, happy hours promotion and holiday atmosphere. Portimao is historic, residential. The city centre is filled with pedestrian shopping streets and pretty plazas. For a day trip from Lagos, there is an enjoyable walk from Portimao harbour, around the exclusive section Praia da Rocha and then along the coastline to the beach of Praia de Vui, where there is a bus back to Portimao. There are both bus and train services from Lagos to Portimão and it are a short taxi ride to Praia da Rocha from either of the stations. Lagos to Portimao is a half an hour drive, further ahead of which, Praia da Rocha is barely 10 min drive.

4. The Vila do Bispo Coastline

The coastline extends along the western edge of the Algarve, is remote and provides amazing, untouched beaches and hiking routes. The main town is ghastly laidback and relaxed. To explore this region, a rental car is the best as no public transport has its services in this region.

Portugal keeps you entertained throughout the journey and day trips near Lagos are small heavens waiting to be found. So plan you vacation, pack your bags and be here in Lagos to explore the unexplored!

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