Best Day Trips from Kyoto

Best Day Trips from Kyoto

Best Day Trips from Kyoto

Kyoto, by default and for ages now, has the required paraphernalia that makes it one of the most visited tourist attractions of Japan. This traditional city is situated at the centre of the Honshu Island, thus making many of the surrounding wonders easily accessible. This authentically charmed city, being the metropolitan centre of the east, has many high speed trains running to various parts of the country. Moreover, the highway network is really subtle for the self drivers.

So, if you a lover of sightseeing and an outlier when it comes to be trapped in the chains of the city world, then you should definitely try out these day trips from Kyoto:

1. Osaka

One of the most famous places of gathering when coming to Kyoto, is Osaka. The city’s most redeeming quality is the convenience it offers in terms of proximity to all the major cities in Japan. Among the landmarks offered, the most noteworthy is the Osaka Castle. Standing its ground way back from 1586, the castle marks a fortress. Another tourist attractions include the Hokoku Shrine housed by the Osaka Castle Park. Besides the touristy spots, the delicacies are so marvellous that Osaka has been nicknamed “Tenka no Daidokoro” which means Nation’s Kitchen. Okonomiyaki is a pancake dish primarily eaten by the Japanese, the sweet and sour flavor of which makes it the perfect breakfast for locals and tourists alike. You can hit the Meishin Expressway for a car ride or else take late night subway from Sanjo station, both getting you to your destination in about an hour.

2. Nara

The city of Nara is the part of Japan that, instead of being famous for its urbanization, is applauded for maintaining the authenticity of old Japanese heritage and culture. It has many beautiful old buildings and streets flaunting the great architectural skills of the japanese folk. Kofukuji Temple is one of the oldest marvels built way back in 7th century, which is dedicated to Lord Buddha and exhibits many statues stationed randomly here and there. Todai-ji is another world-famous pilgrimage that has the greatest living embodiment of the spirituality of Great Buddha. A car ride from Kyoto to Nara would hardly take 45 minutes to reach.

3. Hiroshima

Located to the west of Kyoto is the trademark “Peace City”, Hiroshima. Though situated a bit further than other destinations, this place is worth a visit for those who want to pay visit to the memorials of the heroes who lost their lives in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park hosts millions of tourists every year, who pay their condolences at the venue. The other attractions include the Atom Bomb Dome which has the remains of the bomb that exploded and had played havoc with the lives of the residents. Bullet trains run from the Karasuma Oike station. You can even take the longer haul and self drive to Hiroshima in about 3 hours.

4. Arashiyama

Next on the list are the suburbs of Kyoto, primarily headed by Arashiyama. This town in Japan has managed to keep its small town appeal intact even when the whole city was taking a major detour towards modernization. Famous among the tourists is the Iwatayama Monkey Park, where at one point, you can be lucky enough to see a 100 monkeys roaming around. A lovely stroll by the Bamboo Grove is also on offer. And after all of this, the treats are not finished; couples can enjoy the ultimate boating experience by the Togetsukyo Bridge. Private taxis and self driven cars will take you to Arashiyama in less than half an hour. Early morning subway rides from Kawaramachi are also offered.

5. Kobe

Last but not the least is Kobe, a city on the Osaka Bay, which is also one of the few parts of Japan offering a ride by the antique cable cars. In the age of bullet trains, when everyone is worried about reaching the destination, Kobe realizes the importance of the journey as much as the destination. Mt. Rokko here is a star attraction among hikers, trekkers and adventurers. Other sights include the hot water springs of Arima Onsen. Trains, cars and taxis- all get you to Kobe in a little over an hour’s time. But if you opt for the high speed trains that are heavier on pocket, you may reach your destination in half an hour only.

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