Best Day Trips from Kusadasi

Best Day Trips from Kusadasi

Best Day Trips from Kusadasi

Kusadasi, perhaps the busiest and most popular cruise ports is all of the glistening Aegon Sea, the sun, and a crazy party scene, has all the elements for a perfect holiday! A viable option for holiday for Europeans, this harbour town offers the most ideal blend of ancient ruins, rural ambience and the pulsating Irish bars and nightclubs. If you believe in the phrase “shop till you drop”, then it is just the place for you. The throbbing bazaar in the harbour port full of Turkish souvenirs plus a promise of good bargains is every shopaholic’s dream. The ladies beach is the most popular one there, offering a plethora of water sports activities and countless bars and cafes lined on the side, offering the most mesmerising view of the azure sea!

Kusadasi caters to everyone’s need, whether you like to indulge in exploration or simply chill out on one of its marvellous beaches. Besides being a great base if you want to traverse in the day and enjoy a revelling nightlife after dark, the city is surrounded by some amazing destinations that offer excellent opportunities to unwind the ancient ruins and culture of Turkey. Following are some of the options of best day trips from Kusadasi:

1. Pamukkale

Also known as “Cotton Candy”, Pamukkale is a popular destination in Turkey, a surreal tiny town that has become eternally famous for its 17 most amazing water terraces in the world! For centuries, people have visited this city to enjoy a bath in these hot springs. A striking contrast between the crystal blue pools and the travertines- minerals deposited over millions of years, the region renders enough charm to draw in tourists from all the corners of the world. The turquoise thermal pools are one mind-blowing natural phenomenon, something unique enough to be protected by UNESCO. While some years ago, you could swim in the pools; but now it is strictly prohibited. Although there is a special pool constructed just for swimming, still walking along the travertines and enjoying the gleaming white sight remains one of the most extraordinary experiences you can have here! You can reach Pamukkale by bus, train, or taxi. The most recommended one is by a taxi or car, both taking about 2h 45m to get you there. Bus services are cheaper but take almost 4 hours to reach.

2. Ephesus

What was once a Mediterranean hub is now sitting right on the western side of contemporary Turkey. This originally trading and spiritual centre was known to be one of the most important parts of Mediterranean world. Now, it might not be buzzing with trading but it sure is one of the most visited tourist destinations in world. It is actually surprising that this famous city was forgotten for almost 15 years until its remnants were discovered by archaeologists! Even today, only less than 20% of Ephesus has been excavated and yet it is already a first-rate tourist destination, with roughly a million people visiting this site. The most famous structure here is Temple of Artemis, one that used to be one of the 7 wonders of the world. A trip to Ephesus is incomplete without visiting Library of Celsus, one of the largest libraries of the ancient world. You can explore more about its architecture in the Museum of Ephesus. For history and architecture buffs, Ephesus is downright paradise! Located just near the Port of Kusadasi, you can easily reach Ephesus via a ‘dolmus’ (a minibus) that takes less than half an hour. From the drop off point, walk 10-15 minutes to Ephesus. The non-walkers can take a cab too.

3. Sirince Village

Located some 30 km away from Kusadasi, Sirince is a pretty weird and orthodox village. Its habitants gave it name Cirkince (meaning ugly to keep tourists away deliberately). But a couple of years back, it started to gain recognition for its breathtaking beauty. Sitting on top of a mountain and surrounded by peach orchids and vineyards, the beauty of Sirince is overwhelming. Touted as one of the most scenic Aegon coast village, it is quite a treat for your eyes! And what’s better than strolling down a cobblestoned street and tasting wine in different cafes in broad daylight? Throughout the entirety of Turkey, this village is known for its wine production, with its mountainous location and agreeable climate making it possible to produce copious amount of alcohol here. The narrow hillside streets are owned by the women of the village selling olive oil and handicraft items. Long story short, it makes for a leisurely day trip with a stunning view overlooking the vast and expansive vineyards. There are minibus running from Kusadasi every half an hour and gets you to Sirince in a little more than an hour’s time. Alternatively, you can also book a tour from various tour operators.

4. Samos

Samos is one of the finest and most popular Greek islands, just a short ferry ride away from Kusadasi, that makes for a great day trip for both locals and tourists alike. Once a wealthy and powerful state, it is now a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its lush landscape, beautiful beaches and historical archaeological sites makes it a worth-visiting destination. Gladly, the beaches of this region entertain all kinds of travellers, whether you want a chic beach full of party and tourist crowd or a remote one with nobody around; from a powdery sand beach to pebble filled beaches, Samos has plenty of them to let you get a tan! Potokaki and Kokkari are the most visited beaches by tourists, so spend your day lounging on beaches under the Turkish sun and your evenings tasting its famous wine. Besides the beaches, Samos is known to be the birthplace of Hera, the Temple of which was once a renowned monument and now is sprawling in the forms of touristy ruins. You can visit Samos from Kusadasi easily by boarding a ferry from Kusadasi port that gets you there in an hour and a half’s time.

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