Best Day Trips from Krabi

Best Day Trips from Krabi

Best Day Trips from Krabi

Krabi, one of the mainstream holiday destinations in Thailand, holds no secret in its breathtaking and out-of-the-world beauty! Interspersed with jagged limestone karst formations and dense mangrove forests, Krabi is formed of 200 tiny islands gorgeously sprinkled in the ocean, the radius of which is big enough with no. of wide stretch of sandy beaches overlooking the crystal blue waters of Andaman. There are plenty of activities to be indulged in like world class water sports activities, its colourful nightlife or hiking. The vibrant market with shops lined in the streets and bars playing 90’s music offer a relaxed environment and a great place to interact with locals!

While there is no dearth of adventures in Krabi, there is a whole lot more waiting for you outside the island, ranging from hidden beaches to hot springs and National Parks worth your attention. So, here is a list of all the amazing places you can visit from Krabi that will only take a day to be unwound:

1. Phi Phi Island

The superstar island of Thailand, Phi Phi doesn’t need any introduction. While heading for a day trip here won’t give you the opportunity to savour its revelling night life, but it still makes for a great day trip! Its picture postcard islands with Cerulean Ocean and white sandy beaches offer a perfect tropical climate. Maya Bay, one of the most beautiful locations of south-east Asia is also located here. Its two main islands are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh; the largest and most visited by tourists being Phi Phi Don, while the latter is smaller and barely crowded, boasting beautiful bays and beaches, thus being perfect to experience a mesmerising sunset. The islands also have a vibrant market on the land with gift shops, quaint cafes hiding in alleys, local handicrafts and more. A party lover’s paradise, Phi Phi might not have that traditional Thailand charm, but still manages to take home a ton of memories! You can reach Phi Phi by a ferry or speedboat. The recommended one is ferry; it is cheaper and takes 90 minutes to cover the distance from Krabi.

2. Hong Island

A rather small group of island off the coast of Krabi, Hong Island is relatively unknown unlike its counterparts such as Phi Phi Island or James Bond Island. It’s not really gigantic in size, nor that popular, which is precisely the reason to include it in your itinerary. A perfect place to laze around with scenic view, turquoise water, and no crowds or vendors trying to sell you things. Hong islands are known for its magnificent rock formations and its beautiful lagoon, sitting right in the middle of the huge limestone rock formations. The only way to reach this lagoon is through a kayak or a long-tail boat. Like many islands here, this one also provides a no. of water sports activities, with the most recommended one being snorkelling and kayaking. There are no. of tour operators who organise trips to Hong Island, but you can also reach this isle independently by a long-tail boat that takes about 40 minutes, or a speed boat that gets you there in barely 15 minutes.

3. Emerald Pool & Hot Springs

Located 70 km away from Krabi town are these famous hot springs. The hot water here originates from the thermal springs in volcanic chambers situated deep underground. The mineral-rich warm water is downright heavenly and great for relaxing your muscles or maybe getting rid of that hangover from last night. A dip in the hot water springs is incomplete without swimming in the crystal pools nearby. With a surprising emerald hue, the large natural pool is brimming with pure freshwater that is regularly replenished by natural streams running in the pool. Situated in the Thung Teao Forest National Park, the view is simply stunning with verdant tropical forests all around besides the rich bio-diversity. The park is also home to plenty of exotic birds and plants species. A heaven for nature lovers, this is a must visit place offering unique experience! You can visit here by renting a cab or a minivan that would get you there in less than an hour and a half.

4. Koh Rok

Unarguably the best island for diving, Koh Rok is known to be one of the Mother Nature’s greatest creations across the globe. The most worthwhile day trip with its powdery sandy beaches and azure water so clear that you can see coloured corals floating and blossoming marine life under it! Koh Rok is made up of two beautiful islets known as Rok Nok & Rok Nai. Its beauty baffles even the most hardcore globetrotters with its stunning sand dunes surrounding the waterways and lush green vegetation around the island; stark combination isn’t it?! Famous for its water sports activities; its crystal clears water let you indulge in an amazing deep-sea experience, with a marine life unparalleled to other islands of Thailand, thus making it perfect for indulging in snorkelling or scuba-diving. To visit Koh Rok, take one of the speed boats from Koh Lanta in Krabi and you will reach here in about an hour and a half.

5. Khao Sok National Park

Tired of beaches? Then head to Khao Sok National Park, one of the best natural wonders in Asia! One of the last places in Thailand which is still untouched by the rampant tourism and dotted by hidden waterfalls and caves, the park is home to rich flora and fauna, pulling in hordes of wildlife enthusiasts. It has remained untouched by tourists due to its mountainous and jagged terrain, which also makes it a habitable option for large mammals. The park is surrounded by more than 180 species of birds and Rafflesia Kerri Meijer, the largest flower in the world! With extensive hiking trails and the artificial Chiew Lan Lake, it is possible to explore this National Park and enjoy its scenic beauty. Apart from this you can also participate in bird watching tours, overnight camping, or night safari tours. There are many mini buses which frequently travel to and from Krabi. Alternatively, you can also book a cab or rent a car, that takes you approximately 2 hours to cover the distance.

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