Best day trips from Koh Samui

Best day trips from Koh Samui

Best day trips from Koh Samui

Thailand's largest island, Koh Samui is gaining popularity and taking a toll over other Thailand's beautiful destinations. The place is blessed with abundant rainforest, sandy beaches, pristine water, high-end resorts and the only airport in the Gulf of Thailand.

Koh Samui travel, in itself has so much for tourists to Thailand, and at the same time provides the best tours to explore in a day. Some of the popular day trios from Koh Samui are:

1. Ang Thong National Park

The best day trip from Koh Samui, Ang Thong National Park boasts a divine view of the park and 42 islands that make it worth a stop! The high limestone cliffs, fine sand beaches, lagoons, waterfall and caves are the best attractions of the place. There are many tour packages offered to take you around the park and islands. You can either choose a slow boat tour or opt for private yacht or speedboat to explore the place. You can reach Ang Thong National Park by booking a private charter or speedboat from Koh Samui, or maybe get along with some tour package provider. It will take 45 minutes from a speedboat to get to the destination.

2. Koh Tao

The most unique tourist spot in Thailand, Koh Tao houses green hawksbill turtle along with other diverse and amazing marine life, making the waters here one of the best ones to dive in, in Thailand. Even being a small island, the place supports a roaring nightlife and a large variety of dining options. The divers should get ready to taste some amazing water of Thailand and to get scenic underwater views. Koh Tao and Koh Samui are connected with a road trail as well as sea trail. Take a bus to reach the destination in 2 hours 30 minutes. On the other hand, ferry only takes 2 hours to reach the Koh Tao Island from Bangrak Pier in Koh Samui.

3. Koh Nang Yuan

Due to the rich underwater experience, Koh Nang Yuan is the best place to dive in, with the place supporting amazing and diversified sea life. Tour to this Koh is specified for diving activities like scuba diving and snorkeling spots. The place is also famous for the shoal which connects two islands. Also, for trekkers, Koh Nang Yuan provides some good trails to walk on for perfect scenery. You can directly go via ferry from Bangrak Pier in Koh Samui to Koh Nang Yuan in no less than 2 hours 15 minutes time. Apart from this, you can first reach to Koh Tao via roadways in 2.5 hours and then from there, you can reach to Koh Nang Yuan in a ferry in no time.

4. Koh Pha Ngan

Koh Pha Ngan makes the best day trip from Koh Samui for its half–moon and full moon parties, offering some great music and glowing sticks. Thanks to such a spectacular nightlife in Koh Pha Ngan, affordable and comfortable stays have become the highlight at daytime. If you aren't the party animal kinds, then too you can visit the island for its other attractions like- elephant trekking, Muay Thai boxing lessons, wonderful beaches, crystal-clear waters, snorkeling/ diving activities and definitely for good booze. Cherry on top is that you can enjoy the nightlife at Koh Phangan even being the day tripper, with the best speedboat services helping you in late hours. To reach Koh Pha Ngan from Koh Samui, you can sail with a speedboat which takes 20 minutes to cross between the two destinations.

5. Koh Taen

If you are looking for some quiet time away from the crowded tourist places in Koh Samui, then Koh Taen is the perfect place to escape! This small island gives you the best deserted scenic areas to have some alone time with nature. Head towards the southern part of the island to experience snorkeling and watch diverse marine life just before the surface! On the west part of the island, you can take a nice walk through mangroves while on the East, the long-tailed white sand beach is entirely for you. The only way to go to Koh Taen is by boat from village Thong Krut, which takes 20 minutes to reach the main island. Regular taxis are available from Koh Samui to Throng Krut taking 30 minutes.

Koh Samui is the best central location to kick-start your journey to explore Thailand. So get your camera ready to shoot some amazing underwater videos!

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