Best Day trips from Kiev

Best Day Trips from Kiev

Best Day trips from Kiev

A hidden gem in Eastern Europe, Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and is quickly becoming one of the coolest cities in Eastern Europe! A city that Went through centuries of reign under different regimes, Kiev has an incredible history that is deeply rooted to the place and its people. The capital of Ukraine is a contrast of all things good; it is here that the east meets west and the old meets new. And in recent years, this Ukrainian city has embraced the western culture without sacrificing its Slavic roots. After practically going through a cultural makeover almost overnight, Kiev is becoming a hip and trendy place with 24 hour parties, themed bars & clubs, unique cafes, and art museums! Nowhere in Europe will you find as many green spaces as here in Kiev. With beautiful flowers blooming and vast spaces of verdant parks around, and sitting on the banks of Dnipro River, this city is like a heaven, in contrast to the concrete jungles of the west. Just on the edge of mass tourism, Kiev is still away from the clutches of commercialisation and there isn’t a better time than now to visit this beautiful city. While it is impossible to discover all the good things of this city in a small trip, there is plenty to look around Kiev too. So, if you have a day or extra in capital then make sure to check out the following places which makes for amazing day trips from Kiev:

1. Chernobyl

One of the most fascinating tours for the curious ones out there, Chernobyl was a nuclear power point in Ukraine. Remembered mostly for the tragedy that engulfed the entire town about three decades ago and rendered the nearby beautiful town Prypyat in a ghost town now serves as a popular day trip for tourists from Kiev. The worst nuclear tragedy in the world happened when an explosion tore through a reactor because of which the Prypyat had to be evacuated immediately. Now the city still largely abandoned, is populated by a small number of local workers and policemen. Despite such a tragedy and multiple government warnings, there is still an active church called St. Elias Church where devotees are welcomed. Visit the Park of Glory, River Port, and memorial to the liquidators who sacrificed themselves to contain the disaster. In town Prypyat, where an abandoned colourful amusement park lies which was due to open on the day of tragedy, depicts a depressing reality of the aftermath. This is one day trip that everyone should definitely take! Situated 2 hrs from Kiev, you can reach there through bus or minivans or you can even hire the various tour companies.

2. Chernihiv

Taking this day trip is equivalent to travelling back in time. One of the most ancient as well as beautiful cities in Ukraine, Chernihiv is known to house many historic monuments. If you are an architecture buff, then you are in for a really amazing treat, as more than 1/4th of all ancient Russian architecture is in this city! A quaint and cosy town in the north, Chernihiv is known for its ancient churches and monasteries. The conservative Ukrainian lifestyle can still be seen practiced here when most of the country has embraced western influence quite seriously. The bell tower of Eletsky Monastery is sure to capture your attention and from there the stunning panoramic view of the city can be enjoyed. The heart of Chernihiv is its cultural centre called ‘Red Square’ where one crowd favourite Pyatnytska Church stands. The simplicity and beauty of this town makes you want to come back again and again to indulge in the priceless moments of history. Just a couple of hours away from Kiev, reaching here is not an issue since every 15-20 minutes a bus leaves from Kiev for Chernihiv. You can even drive by yourself or maybe hire a taxi for the same.

3. Sofiyivka Park

Ukraine is full of stunningly verdant parks with beautiful landscapes, one of which is Sofiyivka. The most magnificent park in all of Ukraine, Sofiyivka has an interesting history that contributes to the reasons why this park is so famous and visited. Sofia Pototsky was a wife of a noble Count Pototsky and this monument was a gift to her by the Count for her physical beauty. A 19th century masterpiece, this park is dotted with artificial lakes, adorning statues, waterfalls, forested pathways, and lovely grottoes. With a romantic set up that boasts a boat ride in an underground river, this trip is a perfect getaway for couples. The beautiful park with its immaculate and jaw-dropping landscaping make it a perfect day trip if you want to get away from hustle & bustle of Kiev. With number of direct buses running from Kiev, it is no hassle to travel to and fro and it only take 2h 40m to reach Sofiyivka Park. Alternatively, self driven cars and taxis shall get you here in lesser time.

4. Tunnel Of love

The Tunnel of Love has to be the most romantic place not just in Ukraine but in the entirety of Europe! Tourists from all over the world flock to Ukraine just to visit this fairyland-like place. Outside the city of Klevan, an almost 2 miles stretch of a railway track has turned the nearby trees into a natural enchanting tunnel. A train runs from this track thrice daily but other than that it is known for being a super romantic getaway for couples. The place is so picturesque that every shot taken here turns to a perfect Instagram photo. The tunnel is most leafy during spring but during winters the snow-covered branches looks absolutely breathtaking, making the whole place look as if it came straight out of The Chronicles of Narnia! Taking almost 4 hours one way for reaching there, Tunnel of Love is a little far away from Kiev, but so worth it! Every traveller coming to Ukraine shouldn’t miss this opportunity. The best and fastest way to reach there is by car. So make sure you begin your day early!