Best Day Trips from Johannesburg

Best Day Trips from Johannesburg

Best Day Trips from Johannesburg

Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa, is nonetheless the upcoming epicenter of several temptations for tourists. On the culture front, the city has several art museums, such as the Johannesburg Art Gallery, which feature South African and European landscape and figurative paintings. The Market Theatre complex attained dishonor in the 1970s by presenting anti-apartheid plays, and has now become a centre for modern South African playwriting.

So if you are done with all the local sightseeing and are thinking of getting out from the city for a day, you need not travel too far. Here are a few worthy day trips you can plan from Johannesburg:

1. Lesedi Cultural Village

Located within the Cradle of Humankind, visitors discover African traditions and cultures here in the authentic Lesedi Cultural Village. If you wish to delve in deep into the traditional South African culture, then the Lesedi cultural village is right at your service. Beautifully nestled amongst rocky hills, this village serves the purpose of an ideal outing space. At the Lesedi Cultural Village the ancient traditions of South Africa's many people come to life. An experiential visit here to the traditional Zulu, Basotho, Xhosa, Pedi and Ndebele homes shall enlighten you as you listen to the timeless songs of the ancestors and eat dinner by the fire. Day visitors get the opportunity to experience the origins of today’s colorful South African nation and get a guided tour of the Zulu, Basotho, Xhosa and Pedi homestead. The Nyama Choma restaurant offers a Pan African Buffet in true African style, before the story telling and singing and dancing begin. At an approximate drive of 50 minutes, you can reach Lesedi via Uber, Bus or private taxis.

2. Nirox Foundation Sculpture Park

Situated within the Khatlhampi Private Reserve, the park has been transformed into a platform for the display of outdoor sculptures and installations. Visitors can have leisure picnics on the lawns or stroll through the lush gardens and trails. Situated at a 50 minutes distance from Johannesburg, and is an ideal escape from the monotonous urban cityscape. The simple landscaping with a dash of abstract art installations makes it a decent day trip. You can easily reach Nirox in a 50 minute taxi ride. If up for some more thrill, try self-driving all the way through.

3. Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve

Rhino and Lion Reserve, Krugersdorp, is a privately owned game reserve covering some 1200 hectares which has opened to the public in 1990. This self-drive park is nothing less than “the nearest faraway place,” as it’s so close to Johannesburg. The reserve is home to the Big 5 and also caters to large groups of vulture, endemic to the nearby Magaliesberg Mountains; it is almost like coming to a new universe all together. You can go on game drives, night drives and horse trails. The reserve also offers visitor experiences other than just game watching: overnight guests won't have to look far for accommodation far away as they can book into the reserve’s luxurious cabins, or into self-catering chalets. Children can amuse themselves at the jungle gym, and there is a swimming pool for those wanting to cool down after a hot day of game viewing. A 50 minutes to 1 hour day tour bus is likely to serve you right. However, you might as well opt for taxis and rented cars.

4. Hartbeespoort Dam

Hartbeespoort Dam has become the nerve center of activity and is a very popular weekend getaway, thanks to its close proximity from Johannesburg and the gorgeous Magaliesberg Mountain Range surrounding it. Its beauty is what invites the people here - the dam set in the lap of the mountains many regard this as a retreat from the concrete jungle of city living. The 1620 hectare Dam functions both as a source of irrigation and as a resort, and the peace of the hills and valleys, the warmth even on winter days and the charm of the surrounding countryside, make this a place to rejuvenate. You can also be a part of their more than satisfying hot air ballooning. It is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes from Johannesburg. Various conveyance methods include taxis, buses and trains.

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