Best Day Trips from Jakarta

Best Day Trips from Jakarta

Best Day Trips from Jakarta

Jakarta, being one of the busiest megapolises of the world, has its fair share of traffic and chaos. With that being said, it manages to grab a decent spot along the places famous among tourists. This Javanese city is fan favourite not only for crazy nightlife but also for elite hotspots both in and around it. While a common notion is to get lost in the dark at nights, but day dwellers also have a lot on their plates.

Besides a whole world to unwind within the walls of the city, there are many exotic and beautiful getaways from Jakarta which can be enjoyed by people of all generations. So check out the best day trips from Jakarta:

1. Bandung

Bandung, a city known for volcanic sights and tea plantations, is situated a decent 150 kilometres from the capital, and has an exquisite collection of beautiful botanical gardens and zoos. For lovers of Indonesian rings of fire, the Geology Museum is a treat where vast collection of fossils takes you back to Dinosaurian era, an absolute treat for the kiddos as well as their parents. Braga Street offers inexpensive deals for the shopaholics in town, while adventure loving folks can take a toll towards the Keraton Cliff. With beautiful sun rise and an 800 metre steep climbing, this heaven of a place stands out all else. If tea is one of your favourite drinks then you must hault by the Tea Country, where you can learn about all the benefits of tea and can also bag some Wallini tea. In order to get to this majestic suburb, a car ride along the expressway is the best suited. Folks who prefer to travel in trains, can board from Cempaka Putih market station and reach the destination in a little over 2 hours.

2. Bogor

Bogor is among the few parts of Indonesia which are known for their natural attractions. A mere 56 kilometre journey from Jakarta resides this once known capital of the Sunda Kingdom. Located at a slightly higher altitude than Jakarta, Bogor gives you the privilege of a relatively pleasant weather. Known around the world for its famous botanical gardens and presidential palace, this city also has certain infamous attractions such as the Cilember and Nangka waterfalls. If you wish to put your fitness and agility to the test, then these falls are best suited for you. The most favourite place, as mentioned above, has always been the Bogor Botanical Gardens, which is famous for its natural vegetation and blooming season of raflesia arnoldi and poses a perfect spot to enjoy fresh clean air. However, the notable point of this area is the herds of deer, where innumerable numbers of deer living in the area thereby are destined to grab an onlooker’s attention. To get here one may hit the highway or catch a train from Rawa Selatan, both taking less than an hour to get you here.

3. Ujung Genteng Beach

Next place that should be on your bucket list is the beach of Ujung Genteng. A beautiful getaway location governed by the magnificence of the sea and a great ambience. The smoothest of the white sands kisses your feet, with people boarding the fishermen boats and jumping into the sea right out! The water here is so clear that you can actually see your feet! But at the same time, one needs to be careful about few crocodiles that inhabit the area. One of the best habitats of the sea turtles the place transforms into something majestic at sunset. Enjoy munching on sea food as you get a chance of tete-a-tete with your friends and family. In excess of 200 kilometres, a car ride along the expressway is worth every kilometre covered. No trains run to this place so you are bound to hit the road that gets you there in about 2.5-3 hours.

4. Puncak

Puncak is what can be called an inexpensive replica of Jakarta, with the advantage of traffic not being that severe. Enjoying its fair share of resorts and hotels, Puncak is preferred mostly by the residents of Jakarta for an experience that brings them away from the chains of the city. A 79 kilometre road trip will get you here in about an hour.

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