Best Day Trips from Jaisalmer

Best Day Trips from Jaisalmer

Best Day Trips from Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, the attractive tourist destination Rajasthan is known for its golden and bright sand beaches. Not only the city has a rich heritage and culture, but it also a soothing folklore and beautiful sand dunes.

Jaisalmer is one of the finest gems of Rajasthan, but there are also other beautiful places to explore nearby. Jaisalmer can become the perfect base to head-start your trip and here is the list to explore:

1. Kuldhara

If you are a believer of ghosts, then Kuldhara will intrigue you. There are many tales hidden behind the ruins of the haunted village of Kuldhara. The only proper structure standing there is Paliwal Brahmins' temple and from there you can watch the whole shredded village of Kuldhara. The place makes you wonder about its past and stories. Roam around the village and capture some good pictures of this haunted place. Just for information- no one has ever been able to spend a night here! The 30m journey from Jaisalmer will take you towards Kuldhara. You can go for the journey via taxi or drive.

2. Sam and Khuri sand dunes

Your trip to Jaisalmer won't complete until you visit the dunes of Thar desert. The most popular dune is Sam sand dunes. This vast stretch of sand dunes looks better and better with every hour of the day. The main activities to do here are- camel safari, jeep safari, and dune bashing. If Sam sand dunes are bit overrun for you then you can spend your afternoon at Khuri deserts as an alternative. The houses here are made of mud and straw and decorated with beautiful Persian designs. While here, enjoy camel safari this vast landscape unveils for you, eat the Rajasthani Cuisine, stroll the narrow streets and bargain at the local bazaar or just take a sit and watch the dunes changing its hues! At night, just start the campfire and gaze the stars while enjoying the local folk at any of these sand dunes. The taxi and cars are hired from Jaisalmer to reach Sam or Khuri and would take an hour to reach.

3. Barmer

The desert town of Barmer is an amazing escape from Jaisalmer for a day. The foundation of the city lies in its religious and historical sites. The main attractions of the town are- Nakoda Jain Temple, the conglomeration of 5 temples-Kiradu temples, golden sand of Mahabar sand dunes, top view from Barmer fort and shop at the local market. The town portrays the true colors of the Rajasthani lifestyle! Barmer is just 2h 50m drive from Jaisalmer.

4. Kichai and Phalodi

For relaxing views of Demoiselle cranes, visit the small yet charming village of Kichan while on day trip to Phalodi. The decorated and traditional Havelis or mansions are the major attraction of Phalodi along with colorful temples. Shri Parashnath temple is one of the famous temples because of its sparkling gold and Belgian glass. Also, do visit the Dadha Heritage Museum to look at Jain and Hindu manuscripts, sculptures, paintings, and coins. The travel modes between Phalodi and Jaisalmer are a train, bus, drive, and taxi which take 2h 30m to drop the tourists. And from Phalodi, Khichan is just 10 minutes away.

5. Pokhran

Out for the excursion from Jaisalmer, you cannot skip the tour to Pokhran. The place is an arid desert and known to be the Indian Nuclear detonation. Though there are other reasons also to make you visit Pokhran, walking in the alleys of this small town you can realize the importance of handicrafts in Rajasthani culture that are worth to be taken as a memento. Pokhran Fort is also a highlight of the town. The Fort shows you the royal lifestyle and weapons of Rajasthan and its charm never fades away. To reach Pokhran from Jaisalmer you need 1h 40m from train, bus, taxi or drive.

6. Lodurva

The village of Lodurva is one of the amazing day trips from Jaisalmer. The main highlight of the town is Jain temple or Nag Devta. The local fable behind this temple is an amazing story and also the architecture and detailing of the temple are worth appreciating. Lodurva has seen many battles in the past but now stands upright as a wonderful tourist Spot. The destination is only 10m away from Jaisalmer via taxi.

From the ruins to the Royal lifestyle, Jaisalmer has it all within its reach. So, get down to Rajasthan and travel to some wonderful places!

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