Best Day trips from Istanbul

Best Day trips from Istanbul

Best Day trips from Istanbul

A mystical rendezvous of the East and West, Istanbul, coveted by empires across centuries today, is one of the world's greatest metropolises. A silver lining of the conquests on the land of Istanbul in the past today emerges as the confluence one can observe in the artistic treasures visible in the impressive array of galleries and museums in the boundaries of the place.

The historical wealth of the beautiful place can easily keep you engaged for a week and a half. However, even this massive metropolis can wear you out. A different side of the Turkish life, exploring the hustle and bustle by some of the best day trips from Istanbul:

1. Çanakkale

A common misconception about visiting Çanakkale is its limitation of beauty till Gallipoli's battlefields. Along with the historical beauty, you will witness in the atmosphere, infinite energy brimming out of the student population. In this undisputed hub of region, you will find yourself eating drinking and partying in the cobbled lanes surrounding the Saat Kulesi and along the sweeping Kordon. Complete with a brimming mythical association, Çanakkale is one of the most elemental parts of every day tour lists from Istanbul. Though located a tad far from Istanbul, the journey will be rewarded by one of the most beautiful sights in Turkey. For the sake of a day trip the only way to the reach the place is by a combination of driving and a ferry ride taking you around 5hours of total journey. So it is best to begin your day early.

2. Princes' Islands

One of the best local escape for the Istanbul population, the Princes' Islands are perched on the north-eastern corner of the Sea of Marmara providing one of the most pious views of the bay. After jumping on the ferry for a day trip, the island allows its travellers to soak up the beautiful coastal scenery along the way. Though, a total collection of 9 islands, two of the clutch are extremely tourist friendly. Heybeliada Island will offer you the perfect opportunity for swimming and sunbathing. Along with this, you can explore the beautiful Merit Halki Palace and Hagia Triada Monastery. Büyükada Island on the other hand will give you the proper pilgrim feel with the Monastery of St. George and the Museum of the Princes' Islands. The islands are accessible through an alluring ferry ride of 45mins.

3. Bursa

With the core of a modern industrial city and a coat of industrialization, you have yourself the versatile Bursa. Ottoman Empire's first capital, Bursa is backed by tall peaks of Turkey's Uludağ giving it the perfect postcard Turkey town. Majorly a pedestrian place, though a little spread out, Bursa can easily be explored on foot. Some of the major attractions include Ulu Camii, Bursa Citadel, Tombs of Sultans Osman and Orhan, Yeşil Camii, Yeşil Tomb and Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum. Located at a distance of 154kms, the most time efficient mode of transport is a car-ferry taking 3h 15mins. Other options include 3 and a half hours and a cab takes a little less than 4 hours.

4. Şile and Ağva

Primarily a fishing village, Şile located on the Black Sea Coast, is one of the most demanded destinations in the summer months. Thanks to the white sands and the emerald waters, the locals from Istanbul flock here to spend a day on the beach. Its sprawling beach being the main draw-card providing respite from the hot busy street, Şile also has some other attractions in its pockets too. Some of the major touristy spots in the place include Small castle and the cobbled streets of the small establishment of people on the islands. Another resort town, Ağva can be covered in the same day offering you some of the most peaceful and beautiful coastal views. One of the most well connected places in the list, the most comfortable journey can be observed in a taxi taking you on a journey of a little over an hour. Other options include a collection of metro-bus-taxi taking 2h 45mins or may be a self drive that gets you there in an hour.

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