Best Day trips from Innsbruck

Best Day Trips from Innsbruck

Best Day trips from Innsbruck

One of Austria's most popular year round vacation destinations, Innsbruck is the perfect place of confluence for the authentic medieval culture and the late Gothic style. Ringed by huge mountains surrounding you, Innsbruck is the ideal place to act as a base to take short visits to charming quaint villages and beautiful hikes. Replete with idyllic lakeside resorts to beautiful historic market towns, there is not much you can miss from Innsbruck. So while enjoying some of the most pious vistas in sights, here are the best day trips you can plan from Innsbruck:

1. Kufstein

With rich cultural roots, Kufstein is the perfect introduction to Tyrolean antiquity, design and arts. One of the most prominent village in the place is the village of Erl, home of the beloved and intimate Tyrol Festival Erl, a place you can't afford to miss. A Musically inclined tourist destination, Kufstein is one of the best solaces for the music buffs in the crowd. Sprinkled around Kufstein, there is a small collection of villages connecting the Kaiser Mountains Nature Reserve in the east with the lakes and rolling hills to the west.Located at a distance of about 75 km from Innsbruck, the best mode of transport are the rails taking average rail timings of 35-40 minutes. Other options involve cabs and cars taking an average of 1 hour each way.

2. Lanser See

If freedom from the man-made is what you seek, Lanser See is just the place for you! Redundant with crystal-clear waters and no signs of modernity miles for miles, it is located on a plateau blessed with abundant sunlight. Located just a stone throw away from the city, abounding with peace and tranquillity, Lanser See is the favourite local destination in the vicinity. A special treat in the summer months, you can take a book, read in the peace or maybe a dip in the cool waters to clear your head.There are three ways to reach the beauty, the cheapest way being the tram taking half an hour, the fastest one being a rental cab, taking 20 minutes and the last one, a bus ride taking 25-30 minutes of travel time.

3. Salzburg

Counted as one of Europe's most admired, equally for its architecture as it is for its magnificent setting, Salzburg also enjoys a special fame in the world of music as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Along with being with a beautiful historic city itself, it makes a wonderful base for day trips into the equally picturesque surrounding countryside. Brimming with burgeoning arts scene, wonderful food, manicured parks, quiet side streets where classical music wafts from open windows, this is the ideal fairytale town.One of the best ways of commutation is through trains, taking 1hr 45min of travel time. Other modes include bus taking 2 hours and a drive and rental taxis taking a little less than an hour.

4. Feldkirch

Lying in the Rhein Valley bordering Liechtenstein to the south and Switzerland to the west, Feldkirch is a historic city in Vorarlberg, Austria. An impressive medieval centre, the city is a pedestrian friendly place, where you stroll while taking in the natural and historical beauty of the town. One of the huge attractions in the place is Schattenburg, a place known for adding a cultural bend to the trip. If you are lucky enough to find yourself here on a sunny day, visit the main square and while enjoying a drink there you will discover that you have found paradise.With the train being the preferred vehicle, the average train time is 2hr 20min. Other options include bus taking 2 hr 40min and the car taking 2 hours.