Best Day trips from Ibiza

Best Day Trips from Ibiza

Best Day trips from Ibiza

Ibiza, an insanely debauch island in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain is, for all the right reasons, the most reveling atoll across nations. Set in close proximity to the city of Valencia, Ibiza has become well known for its association with nightlife, electronic music that originated on the island, and the crazy summer club scene, all of which attracts hordes of tourists drawn to this type of holiday. Origins of today's club culture may be traced back to the hippie gatherings held during the 1960s and 1970s, so you can well imagine for how long has the isle been partying relentlessly! But after you are done with all the party and fiesta, and seek a break from the noise, here are a few insights for your one day trip plans from Ibiza:

1. Formentera

A definite excursion for any trip to Ibiza is a day trip over to the Ibiza’s sister Island "Formentera". The island is beautiful, quieter than Ibiza, and quite very peaceful. Since the 1960s, Formentera has been a popular destination for hippies. It is renowned across Europe for many pristine white beaches. Although paved roads allow access to all parts of the island and cars are easily hired in the port, many people choose to rent mopeds or even bicycles due to the flat nature of most of the island and the availability of dedicated cycle tracks in many locations. The island also has four Martello towers. It is roughly an hour away by boat and you can easily get a ferry from Ibiza town. You can hire a bicycle or moped (as there are not many cars on the island) to see the island.

2. Ses Salines National Park

Many portions of southern Ibiza and also a part of the neighboring Balearic island of Formentera lie encompassed in the Ses Salines National Park. It also includes the strait that separates the two islands in the Belearics chain. The Natural Park serves as a host to numerous virgin, unspoilt beaches, with over 178 species of plant life, 210 species of birds. All of these, are endemic to Ibiza and Formentera, and can be found only in the Mediterranean Sea. Declared as a natural reserve back in 1995 by The Spanish government, Ses Salines has also been included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites owing to the Park’s rich and versatile ecosystem and biodiversity. Approximately 200 kilometers from the city, the most efficient way to travel to and fro is via train. You can reach the destination in less than two hours.

3. Es Vedra

This one is a small, rocky island which looks more like a geological tumble than a cliché tourist destination. It is largely uninhabited with an exception of some wild goats, a colony of the endangered Eleanora’s falcons and a few subspecies of the Ibizan wall lizard. Perfect for a day-time cruise, the sunsets over Es Vedrà are also said to be quite poetic and undoubtedly spectacular. Trekking and sightseeing are also a few viable options for the curious explorers out there. Widely understood as the centre of magnetic lines of power and a site of several alleged UFO sightings, Es Vedra has also gained a rather controversial reputation of a mystical place, more eerie than serene. In fact, some also claim it to be a dear neighbor of the sunken civilization of Atlantis! And that makes this quaint town rather more desirable and worth exploring. 47 minutes away from the heart of the city, you can get a convenient bus to drop you off to Es Vedra.