Best day trips from Hong Kong

Best day trips from Hong Kong

Best day trips from Hong Kong

From its colourful markets, stratospheric skyscrapers, multicultural cuisine to the beautiful bustling tea houses, featuring Hong Kong as one of the most exciting cities of Asia would be an understatement! A culmination point of multiple personalities, this land has a rich history as a result of which, it has become a home to both the Cantonese Chinese and the British colonial architecture and culture in its veins. Counted among some of the most important hubs of the Eastern end of the world, Hong Kong is one place with a number of global connections to many of the world's cities, giving it one of the largest tourist bases in its region. Thanks to its well-placed existence, it has managed to absorb immigrants from all sorts of cultural backgrounds including even the most offbeat of places like Vietnam and Vancouver, thus earning itself the title of Asia's World City!

Though the initial influence of Hong Kong is very welcoming, after a while, when the crowded streets and the frenetic MTR rides get to you, a break from everything is required. So when you are ready for the fabled 'change', here are some of the best detours you can plan from the city:

1. Cheung Chau

One of the first things that get to you in Hong Kong is the extreme suffocations, thanks to its limited space and excessive population, and Cheung Chau is the perfect antidote to the problem. A world away from the hustle of the concrete city life, it is loved by the locals and tourists alike for its open-air seafood restaurants, welcoming and calming countryside vibe and an in-general happy vibe. An amazing destination for people who enjoy the historical architecture, some of the major attractions of the place include Cheung Po Tsai Cave and the Mini Great Wall. A step into the past altogether, the place is a living encapsulation of what Hong Kong would look with the quiet and car-free streets. A mainly pedestrian island the place can easily be explored on the foot or on a bicycle, provided to tourists on a rate of HK$10. Once you are done indulging in the mouth-watering seafood by the pier and exploring the colourful harbour, head on the Kwun Yam Wan Beach for the most beautiful sunset of your life.

The place is located in close vicinity to Hong Kong taking only a 40 min ferry ride to get across, the bookings of which can simply be made through any holiday planner or even by yourself.

2. Macau

Though at the first glance while flipping through the guide books, Macau may look like one big gambling den, but there is a lot more to this Chinese-Portuguese enclave than what meets the eyes. As mentioned earlier, this place is a haven for the people who like to gamble, with a wide collection of slots and over the top casinos luring them in! However, if you don't associate with them, you can skip straight ahead to the enchanted ruins of St. Paul's Church, A-Ma Temple and the Guia hill, claiming enough magic to take away the entirety of your day in a whoosh. Another alternative of your time can be the cobblestoned village of Coloane, wandering down its beautiful alley-ways; one can simply forget how close you are to one of the largest metropolis of the east! Sometimes, flooded by the amazing itinerary of entertainment, cultural sites and the mouth watering Portuguese cuisine convinces people to stay overnight, so don't forget to pack a change of clothes.
Located at a distance of 60 km from Hong Kong, the ferry ride to Macau takes about 40-60 minutes, depending on the ferry service you choose. The way down to Macau would be an amazing ride with a chance to spot migrating dolphins.

3. Sai Kung

A lush oasis located in the north-eastern New Territories, Sai Kung has earned for itself, the title of 'Back Garden of Hong Kong'. As is clear from the title, this close neighbour of Hong Kong is the opposite of city life, popular among the locals and tourists for its drool-worthy seafood, simple fishermen's villages, amazing hiking tracks and of course four pristine beaches. One of the most famous beach among the lot was the Tai Long Wan, only accessible via a 20 minute boat ride or a 90 minute hike, both offering bewilderingly beautiful faces of nature that just can't be compared to anything else, complete with thin sprawling coastlines finally leading to an embrace with the rugged mountain peaks. Though a perfect escape, you may have to share your beach sand with a couple of hikers and surfers on a sunny summer day. The best way to reach the place is to hire a car and drive down, taking you a total of 30-40 minutes of a beautiful road time. Another option for the people who prefer the local transport is the bus service, taking a total of 1h 45mins.

4. Shenzhen

Known to the world as the gateway to the mainland China, Shenzhen is often looked upon by the travellers for the more nature friendly alternatives. This underappreciated day trip from Hong Kong however, can be a good option as it gives you a chance to spend your day shopping for knock offs or maybe spending some me-time on an incredibly inexpensive day spa. Home to a number of quirky attractions and tasty noshes, you will not run out of things to do at Shenzhen. One of the most famous one is the Dafen Oil Painting Village, known for its startling replicas of oil paintings from the likes of Monet and Van Gogh. Another one is the Windows of the World amusement park, where you will come across pint-sized reproductions of practically every international landmark. One of the best options is to take a train, taking you 30-40 minutes to reach Lo Wu after which you can enter Shenzhen once you are done with the border formalities. Another option is to take an hour long ferry, and with ferries running every day, catching one won't be an issue.

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