Best Day trips from Helsinki

Best Day Trips from Helsinki

Best Day trips from Helsinki

Awash with pure Scandinavian magic, magnificent architecture, jaw-slacking designs and quirky food and drinks culture, Helsinki manages to sustain its effortlessly chic demeanor and low-key vibe amidst all this mix-up. A culture-packed urban cosmopolitan nestled in a sublime natural atmosphere, Helsinki lets you dance like no one’s watching while at the same time taking you under its country music spell! All this and a lot more outside the premises! That’s right! Besides being a top attraction itself, Helsinki also serves as a perfect base camp to unwind the rest of southern coast. There are so many day trips around the beautiful Helsinki, that it is downright impossible to do it all in a short vacation. So to make the most of your sojourn, take your pick from this best day trips from Helsinki:

1. Espoo

This second largest city in Finland lets you indulge in an overdose of art and culture, besides being a gateway to the Nuuksio National Park, a recently built and highly frequented National Park in Finland. Its 30 km walking and biking trails give you an ideal break from the city chaos, while letting you indulge in adventure. Swimming, camping and hiking are practiced in abundance here in summers, with winters offering skiing and snowshoeing opportunities. A few hours of fishing and berry-picking with the local families are another great way to spend the day. Being closely stationed to Helsinki, you can reach Espoo in less than an hour. Take a train, bus, taxi, cab or just drive your way through.

2. Porvoo

This charming old town district is a rather unexplored UNESCO World Heritage Site and a 14th century fishing port. Replete with idyllic wooden houses, cobbled streets, waterside cafes, craft stalls and quaint little boutiques, Porvoo qualifies for an excellent winter destination, especially around Christmas. Numerous events like concerts and flea markets are profuse in this region, giving a perfect setting to splurge. Boats and buses leave from Helsinki to Porvoo frequently, and take less than an hour to get you there.

3. Tallinn

Tallinn, the Estonian capital, appears to have ripped right out of a fairytale book to the naked eye. From rare antiques to kitsch souvenirs, you will find everything in the labyrinthine boutique shops that seem meagerly stocked on the outside. Hit the high end shops at Viru Keskus or climb up the famous Toompea Temple, this UNESCO World Heritage Listed Old Town creates the perfect aura of a medieval Euro town. The beaches, too, are a great spot for sun-bathing and surfing activities. A 2.5 hour ferry ride will get you to Tallinn. Other than that, there’s a road trip option, but that would take roughly 3.5 hours to reach Tallinn.

4. Vihti

An action packed place in close proximity to Helsinki, Vihti lets you indulge in the very best of Finnish natural beauty. Offering adrenaline rush and soul-searching peace at the same time, Vihti is profuse with enchanting villages, spectacular wilderness, cliffs, rapids and countless lakes! Try hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing, skiing and horseriding all in one place. Once you are exhausted with all the thrill, relax at an authentic Finnish lakeside Sauna! Ancient churches and museums rest in this district in Finland, letting you dip into history besides the adventure. Buses and trains frequent the biggest district in Vihti- Nummela, taking less than an hour to reach. Apart from that, you can self drive and reach the place in half an hour.

5. Lohja

The small town of Lohja is a first-rate day trip destination for Finland travelers. An ideal setting to witness the Northern Lights, Lohja rests on the largest Lake of Finland, Lake Lohja. A haven for fishermen, Lohja renders a fun, educational trip to the kids with its Tytyri Mine Museum. Other than that, it is a great place to relax after the concrete tour of Helsinki. Lohja is merely a half an hour drive from Helsinki. Buses, trains, even ferries offer great public transport facility to reach the place in no time.