Best day trips from Havana

Best day trips from Havana

Best day trips from Havana

Havana, the grandiose Cuban city, never ceases to surprise you with its architecture, culture and number of attractions for travelers. With its fortresses, rum, cigar, and ancient buildings the city takes you on the tour where Cuban spirit is more alive and refreshing!

But, if you go visit Havana, then remember, it can also be the base location to enjoy other prime locations of Cuba, stationed pretty close to this city. Some of The best day trips from Havana are:

1. Vinales Valley

The place is marvelous and has stunning beauty fathomed in itself! Vinales Valley is among the rare places which make you stretch your trip for a little while longer. The town has the smell of old ceramic houses, with the hospitality of Cuban folks so heartwarming. Mongotes, a round shaped hill and Pinar Del Rio, fine-cigar-tobacco-plantation province, makes the place much more alluring. Havana and Vinales are connected by buses commuting daily. You can book round trip tour package in Havana. For much comfy trip, hire a taxi or rent a car for a day. The trip takes 2.5 hours.

2. The Hershey train

If you are bored with Hawaiian beauty, then why not take a ride into the past. In the 20th century, your favorite chocolate brand, Hershey had its own train to connect its sugar mills with cities. After the Cuban revolution, this ancient electric train became nationalized but yet still exists with same signs, carriages, stations and locomotives. The train is old and takes a long time to commute from Havana to Matanzas via Yumur' valley. But the journey is awe-inspiring and nostalgic! You can catch a train from the east side of Havana's Harbour and reach your destination in 3 hours. Alternatively, reach there in minimum time through local shuttle or buses.

3. Playas Del Este

Havana itself has two faces- one of streets and stones, and another of beautiful coast, Playas Del Este. This Caribbean Coast, also known as Havana Rivera, has palm-fringed beaches and a multitude of water activities. Santa Maria, one of the many beaches in the place, has the cleanest and finest sand. While going for sunbathing on the beach, you can check out the beach town, Guanabo. The place has fantastic bars and is famous for its LGBT hangout street. Few cocktails and spectacular view, what else one needs! The coast is 30 minutes down from Havana. Bus rides are frequent between the two destinations or you can hire a regular private cab.

4. Varadero

If you're looking for the best day trip from Havana, then don't miss Varadero, the perfect beach destination! The place is a 12-mile long peninsula with the finest sand, sunbathed sea, all-inclusive resorts and all other facilities to make your trip better from any other. Dive in crystal clear water of Cuba, sip a cocktail under the palm leaf with sun kisses or head out for late lunch in one of the gourmet restaurants to enjoy the tour of this unmatched destination! To get on the beach, you have to take a bus from the terminal de omnibus or simply book a private or the regular taxi to get there in 2.5 hours.

5. Matanzas

Far away from city life, Matanzas is a slow-paced small town, painted in the colors of Cuban culture. Unlike strolling on the beaches, some tourists like to know and explore the city where they travel, for them, Matanzas makes the best day trip from Havana. The place is known all over Cuba for its musicians, poets and writers. From Havana, you can head towards Matanzas either in bus, taxi or Hershey train. It takes 1h 45m to reach the destination but the train can take around 3 hours.

6. The Hemingway trail, Cojimar

To all the literature fans and Ernest Hemingway fanatics – this town is for you! Cojimar is a small province on the outskirts of Havana, the place where the author lived many years in search of a muse. As the story goes, Ernest found his inspiration to write the book- The Old and the Sea, which won him the Nobel Prize in literature. It is maximum 20 minutes drive from Havana to Cojimar. You can reach there easily via yellow cabs from Parque Central or Old American Classics to have the scenic journey.

Day trips from Havana are way different from the city vibes and render the taste of different experiences. So Havana is totally worth your time, money and fun!

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