Best day trips from Hanoi

Best day trips from Hanoi

Best day trips from Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is a pot full of incredible experiences! The French culture along with the Vietnamese touch is what Hanoi has to offer to its tourists. The museums, puppet theatres, religious temples, and countless markets all together mark the town a must-visit place in a lifetime.

But Hanoi is not all that northern Vietnam has to offer. Outside the city of Hanoi, there are wonderful day trips which can be arranged. To get started here is the list of the best day trips from Hanoi:

1. Ba VI National park

Engross yourself into the natural landscapes of Ba VI National Park. The majestic mountains, splendid waterfalls and the dense forest of the park keep you stunned for the whole trip! The three mountain peaks of the place become the highlight and the shrine on the second largest peak is one the most visited place in Ba VI National Park. The national park is 1hour ride away from Hanoi and can be covered via taxi or drive. You can also take a bus till Son Tay and then hire a taxi to Ba VI national park.

2. Hoa Lu

To go back to the past of Vietnamm, you have to keep a day aside to visit the Hoa Lu town. This ex-capital of Vietnam is full of green rice paddy fields and surrounded with Limestone Mountains. Visitors visit the place to admire the Vietnamese architecture showcased in the old temples of the town. Hoa Lu town homes some colorful festivals and ceremonies which gives the place a lively environment despite the scares of past. The journey between the two destinations is of about 2 hours 10 minutes and can easily be covered via train, bus, taxi or car.

3. Trang An and Tam Coc

Trang An and Tam Coc together make the amazing day trip from Hanoi. Tam Coc means three caves and the place is all about the same- Ca cave, Hai cave, and Ba cave. These limestone caves and rock formations home splendid stalactites with all glitter and sparkle. Alike Tam Coc, Trang An also offers tourists to glide through the caves and enjoy the view of limestone stalagmites. Both the places are only 10 minutes and can easily be adjusted in a day. Trang An and Tam Coc can be reached via train, bus, taxi or car in just 50minutes and 1 hour 10 minutes respectively from Hanoi.

4. Perfume pagoda

For some spiritual and religious inspiration, it is the best place to be! The region is worth a day due to its sacred Buddhist shrines and pagodas which are located into the cliffs of Perfume Mountain and thus the name Perfume Pagoda. You have to climb the slope or take a cable car to visit the shrines. The aroma of incense and candles lit by the visitors makes the place more welcoming. So, don't forget to pray for good fortunes! This 1hour ride away destination is easily accessible from Hanoi via car or boat. But you can also take a train till Phu Ly and reach pagoda via taxi from there.

5. Mai Chau valley

Far from city noise, the serene mountainous landscape with lush green fields and calm atmosphere attracts the visitors towards Mai Chau valley. Though this is not the only reason, the place also homes seven ethnic minorities of Vietnam. The place is best known for its photogenic views, agricultural beauty, and fresh air. Mai Chau valley truly portrays the best lifestyle! The town is 2 hour 10 minutes away from Hanoi. Easy transports like bus, taxi and rental cars are available for the trip.

6. Bat Trang village

Located on one of the sides of the Red river, Bat Trang is a small village known for its significance in history. Apart from this, the place is much talked about due to its ceramic industry and pottery. The ancient town of Bat Trang has mastered its work in ceramics and thus offers visitors beautifully handcrafted souvenirs of the trip. Big secrets lie in the small pockets is well proved by this town! Bat Trang village is only 15 minutes away from Hanoi. You can hop at this place either by taking a taxi or renting a car.

Religion, history, nature, markets and what not ……Vietnam is for everypne! Hanoi becomes the best center point to go exploring these places due to its geographical location and proximity. The city weaves the best sceneries unlike anywhere else!

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