Best Day trips from Hamburg

Best Day Trips from Hamburg

Best Day trips from Hamburg

With the bold historic label of 'The gateway to the world', Hamburg is Germany’s second-largest city and biggest port. The entire city is infused with the maritime spirit, always reminding you that you're near water. Home to various vibrant neighbourhoods awash with multicultural eateries, Hamburg is famous for nurturing the early promise of the Beatles. In addition to being a main transportation hub, Hamburg today stands as one of Europe's most important cultural and commercial centres. This delightful destination also provides some of the best day trip opportunities in Germany. So while enjoying the sea breeze in your hair, these are some of the best Day trips from Hamburg that must be on your bucket list:

1. Lüneburg

Known as the salt town of Europe, Lüneburg has always been closely tied to the production of the 'white gold', gifting the city with wealth and prosperity. If you ever wondered how a hanseatic, wealthy city looked like 200-300 years ago, Lüneburg is the perfect place to find your answers. Loaded with narrow streets, traditional red-brick houses and restaurants with traditional German cuisine, this place boasts a medieval charm that only few can rival. Take a stroll through the alluring Old Town and you will find yourself lured by the plethora of speciality shops, cafes, and restaurants housed in its historic gabled buildings. The preferred mode of transport is the train costing around 35 minute of travelling time. Other options include driving or taking a bus around 40 minutes for the same distance.

2. Bremen

Another medieval jewel, Bremen, famous for housing the world famous Bremen Town Musicians from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, is sprinkled with a lot of figures of the musical quartet all around the city. While experiencing the city centre, you walk along the river Weser listening to the “glockenspiel” on one of the old narrow streets. Another one of the other famous streets include Schnoor, known as the oldest and cosiest quarter in Bremen. A magical experience year round, Bremen is the most visited place during the December. There are 3 most modes of transport connecting the two cities. The train is preferred taking around 1h 10min of travelling time. Other options include taking a bus or driving the way, again taking the same amount of time.

3. Schwerin

Known as the city of seven lakes, Schwerin is the picture-perfect combination of nature, architecture and history. One of the most colossal attractions in the place is the majestic Schwerin Palace. Jumped right out of your dreams, seated between two beautiful lakes and surrounded by luscious gardens, this is one of the greatest landmarks in the vicinity. The city itself is the typical historic village with the central market square and cobbled streets brimming with beautiful historic spires housing a profusion of shops and cafe. Another must visit places are the excellent museums hosting a variety of art and culture festivals all the year round. The distance can be covered by train in 1 hour 25 minutes, by bus in 1 hour and by car in one and a half hour.

4. Schaalsee

Dive into the nature in the real forest of Schaalsee, stationed closely to the flat city of Hamburg. Besides the authentically eerie jungle experience, Schaalsee offers you a gorgeous lakeside to camp with your friends and family. You can rent canoes and boards to try hands on water sports and boating. To reach Schalsee, try a road trip that will get you there in less than an hour.

5. Mölln

Circumscribed by several lakes, Mölln is one of the most perfect spot for a leisure day near the waters; be it swimming, renting a boat or just relaxing. The town itself is a beauty with traditional houses, cute decoration around them and remarkable doors giving you several opportunities to click that perfect shot. Thronged with a beautiful, elegantly landscaped park and an authentic water tower perched on the top of the hill, Mölln is the perfect picnic spot for travellers seeking a respite from the busy tour schedules. Located at a distance of 51km, both train and bus services take a time of 1hr 15 min while taking a cab or driving the way through will cost you 44 minutes of travel time.

To enjoy the place to its fullest, you need to device a map of places according to you. For the proper allocation of the nightlife, match your list with ours.