Best Day Trips from Guwahati

Best Day Trips from Guwahati

Best Day Trips from Guwahati

Going for a trip tp Northeast India? Then Guwahati is among the top priorities for its beauty and activities. The town itself is counted among the paradises of India but its beauty is far reached then its borders. The place is a perfect start point which makes most of the other places easily accessible within a day. So here are some suggested places to visit as best day trips from Guwahati:

1. Cherrapunjee

To experience divine beauty of a road trip, make Cherrapunjee your first stoppage. This mystifying place welcomes you with the cold breeze and white clouds. The cliffs, hills, valleys, and waterfalls like Noh Sngithiang fall, Noh Kalikai falls, and Dain Thelen Falls are worth a visit while in Cherrapunjee. Fun fact is that the place is also mentioned as the wettest place on the earth. Here you get to know why Meghalaya is called the abode of clouds! Going to Cherrapunjee from Guwahati would take around 2h 15m and taxis and cars are easily available to drop you there.

2. Mawsynram

Counting the top day trips from Guwahati then Mawsynram is definitely not a miss. Live the dream of every nature lover while in the village of Mawsynram as it is no less than a perfect destination which beholds the beauty so beautifully. Also, the village is the cleanest one in Asia! The journey time between Guwahati and Mawsynram is of about 3h and can be covered via taxi or car as per your requirement.

3. Shillong

The Scotland of India as it is known, Shillong is a wonderful city circumferenced by trees, serene views and traditional sights. In the welcoming climate of Shillong, enjoy places like- soaring mountain peaks, vast golf courses, museums, crystalline lakes, and zoos. The main highlights of the place are Lady Hydari Park and The Cathedral of Mary Help of Christian. Not more than 1.5h would it take to go from Guwahati to shilling via taxi or car.

4. Dawki

Dawki is a border town and is immensely beautiful and calm. Take a day trip to Dawki and you realize why it is among the most recommended day trips from Guwahati. Explore the deep gorges and ravines, row on the cleanest Indian River Umngot. The place casts a spell on you! Dawki and Guwahati are well connected through the trail of the road which can easily be covered by taxi or cabs in just 2h 40m.

5. Pobitora wildlife sanctuary

A small heavenly gateway for wildlife lovers, Pobitora wildlife sanctuary houses the rarest One-horned Rhinos. The statuary covers around 38 sq. km so the chances of sighting a rhino while on the trip increases as the place have the densest population of One-horned rhinos in the worth. Apart from this, the place is also home to many migratory birds, barking deer, and leopards. So choose your elephant or take a jeep safari to get going around the Pobitora wildlife. Taxi or cars are available to get you around Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary in less than 45 minutes. There you can take a safari ride to meander the woods of the sanctuary.

6. Hajo

Hajo is considered is an ancient pilgrimage and holy place, so if you want to dive into the religious aura, then this is your next day trip from Guwahati. The town perfectly and beautifully holds the three culture- Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism. The main attractions of Hajo are- 1583-built Hayagriva Madhav Temple; The Hajo Powa-Mecca built on sand from Mecca; The Kedareswar temple; and the Madan Kamdev Temple. So don't miss the chance to explore some ancient architecture and culture! The city of Hajo is only 35m ride away via car or taxi.

7. Chandubi lake

The next marvelous stoppage is Chandubi Lake which was a result of 1987 Assam's earthquake. The forest there got crumbled during the calamity and formed the most divine lake near Guwahati- Chandubi Lake. Enjoy the views roadside views while on the trip from Guwahati to the lake and do visit tea estates. While on the lake take a boat and enjoy riding it under the sun until you achieve the eternal peace! You can reach Chandubi Lake via taxi or car in just 1h 45m.

The list of perfect day trips doesn't end here as there are many more places left whose beauty can only be fathomed with a visit. So, stop for a moment and breathe in the pure air and wonder the beautiful creations of the god!

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