Best day trips from Gold Coast

Best day trips from Gold Coast

Best day trips from Gold Coast

A place entirely dedicated to the sun, surf and beaches, Gold Coast is Australia most iconic holiday destination. The perfect beach town, it is almost magical when viewed from afar. Featuring 300 sunny days a year, hazy sunsets, blissful water temperature, countless surf breaks and 52 km of pristine sand beaches to walk upon, it wouldn't be saying too much to claim that the place is a heaven on Earth. Besides being a tourist hotspot replete with a forest of sky scrapers bristling along the beach, Gold Coast also provides you access to some of the other beautiful places in Australia. So to plan a day trip from Gold Coast, here are some places you would want to be a part of your list:

1. Brisbane

The perfect elegant city, profuse with city galleries and rooftop bars along with desolate subtropical beaches and cool-climate vineyards, Brisbane region deals with some of the most prominent contrasts. A sultry metropolis with upcoming restaurants, bars and cultural events, Brisbane is lapping at the city's eastern fringe with Moreton Bay. Sit on the beach through the day to enjoy the turquoise waves kissing at your feet, sparkling forests surrounding you and the whole aura of this heaven casting its spell on you! One of the most comfortable journeys can be covered in a train, taking1h 45mins of rail time. The most time efficient option is a car taking 1 hour of road time. Another viable option is a bus taking an hour and a half.

2. Lismore

An unassuming commercial centre of the northern region, Lismore is a vibrant community of artists in every field. An extremely interesting place to visit, it is brimming with heritage buildings and a mind-possessing country town saunter. A very welcoming and accepting town, you will find the average gay-lesbian presence in the place is above average with an unexpected eclecticism. Along with this, you can spend the day near the coast or explore deeper into the hinterland. One of the best ways to complete the journey is to drive down the beautiful way along the coast to Lismore in 1h 30mins of road time. If you prefer a public transport, the buses are available, taking 2h 30mins for the same journey.

3. Toowoomba

Known as the 'Garden city', Toowoomba is the Queensland’s largest and oldest inland city. The place also serves as the motherland of two of the national icons- the lamington and Geoffrey Rush. Perched on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, Toowoomba is located over 700m above the sea level. Today witnesses the place into a sprawling country hub complete with wide beautiful tree-sided roads and stately mansions. While not counted on the ‘place to see before you die’ list often, the place does have some tricks in the closet to surprise you. One of the major surprises is the Australia's largest traditional Japanese Garden earning its fame for the alluring collection of horse-drawn vehicles. Another curveball is the burgeoning cool factor of the place visible in the swelling number of hip cafes, bars, and eateries. One of the best ways to travel is to hire a taxi or drive down the path taking a total of 2 hours of travel time. Other options include buses taking 3 hr 30mins and trains taking 2h 45mins.

4. Hervey Bay

If endless beachfront esplanade is in your wish list, this place is a wish-come-true. Complete with sandy beaches and warm waters, this is the perfect place to laze around on the beach all day and perhaps take a dip. Some of the famous beaches in the place include Pialba, Torquay and Scarness. Another favourite especially in the young crowd is the Fraser Island complete with grey nomads passing languidly through camp sites and serious fisher folk frolicking around for the one fish that got away. An undeniably appealing, this is one tourist hot spot you would not want to miss. Located a little far from Gold Coast, the journey is worth the prize. Keeping in mind the day trip clause, the only possible mode of transport is the car, taking a beautiful drive by the coast taking 4h 3mins of road time. So make sure you begin your day early to make the most of this sojourn!

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