Best day Trips from Goa

Best day Trips from Goa

Best day Trips from Goa

Goa in itself is a complete package when it comes to spending some quality time and chilling at the beach. This most sought after holiday destination in India has become the Mecca for bachelors as well as couples. From all night parties to adventure sports, it is hard to imagine any stuff that does not happen in this tiny jewel of a state.

However, during the season (November through February) the places tend to get crowded and chaotic. Although this is a part of the Goan charm, but still some people prefer a secluded and peaceful holiday. Well, don’t worry. the Goan neighbourhood in itself has plenty of destinations which are worth visiting. So if you wish to make your beach vacay a legendary one, go beyond the borders and try these best day trips from Goa:

1. Nersa

Located within a mere 76 kilometre radius of Goa is the soothing and scenic village of Nersa. This beautiful little piece of heaven testifies to the old adage that goes “In India, culture changes within every few kilometres”, thanks to its perfect location in the thick forest cover of Mahadayi valley, an ideal setting for bird watching. The main charm of the place is trekking right in the lap of nature, and camping right under the shimmering stars. It is also described by many to be the offbeat hill station of Karnataka. In order to get to Nersa, you can take a 2-hour drive along the highway via taxi or bus. Car lovers can even rent a car from Goa and head to Nersa.

2. Chorla Ghat

Chorla Ghat is a well-known travel location, where people who have come to Goa often crash out in hope that they could be able to do some adventure activities. The scenes of Chorla are a photographer’s dream with the serenity being such that no words can describe. The Vazira Shakira Waterfall will make your stand in awe, with the milky white water giving a beautiful view of the backwaters. Very few places in India hold the privilege of having a beautiful off-road drive rather than a bumpy one; Chorla being one of those elites. Chorla Ghat is situated 50 kilometres from North Goa and can be reached via the Hathkhamba-Goa road. Prefer hiring a motorbike instead of a car to get here; the roads are not very wide, hence the trip becomes a lot too easier with a two-wheeler in possession. One can also take buses that run regularly from Panjim Bus stand to Chorla.

3. Dudhsagar Falls

Situated at a height of 2000 feet above sea level are the Dudhsagar falls, which in the world of Hindu origin mean “Milky White”. You must have come across the picturesque scene of a lush green jungle supporting a beautiful waterfall coming from the mountains, one that looks too dreamy to be true. A popular Bollywood destination, Dudhsagar Falls is abandoned for exploration during monsoons, since the water flow is uncontrollable. The best time of the year to visit the falls is right after the monsoons when water is at its full blast, but one needs to take all the correct safety measures or else one might get hurt. It is located 44 kilometres from Goa amidst Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. One can also prefer to take the shorter route via MDR52 and reach the destination within no time. Commotion through bikes is more preferable, taking about 2 hours to reach.

4. Gokarna

Located at a distance of 150 km from Goa, Gokarna is a hippie heaven for more than 5 decades now. Extremely secluded beaches and untouched charm of the island makes it a paradise for peace seekers. In fact, some of the most popular islands of the town can be reached only after a short trek. Besides gaining eminence for its exotic and bold beaches, the place hosts pilgrimage temples for the south Indians too.

5. Vengurla

This Maharashtrian beauty of a town is blessed with many beautiful temples such as Mauli Devi Temple and Sateri Devi Temple, giving a religious vibe to the whole town. At the same time, it has enumerable number of decent beaches, thereby creating a perfect blend for the modern day tourist. The Vengurla rocks, mango and cashew plantations are also worth glancing. It is located about 110 kilometres from Goa and can be reached via Hathkhamba-Goa road. No trains are available however, buses are frequent from Panjim.

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