Best Day Trips from Fortaleza

Best Day Trips from Fortaleza

Best Day Trips from Fortaleza

Counted as one of the biggest cities of Brazil, Fortaleza is always a nice experience and attracts many tourists from all over. Roaring clubs and sprawling beaches of the town are the highlights and are sure to keep you in the party mood. So, if you are looking for a relaxing vacation under the sun, you can't miss the atmosphere of Fortaleza.

This sprawling town of Brazil also makes it easy for tourists to spend an afternoon on other places like beaches, dunes and fishing villages for some change of scenery. Some of the best day trips from Fortaleza are:

1. Beach Park

If touring with family, then you can't miss the tour to beach park! Located near the seashore, beach park is full of adventurous and happening activities for all its visitors. The area has all amenities from hotel, museum, souvenir store to aqua park. So, get ready to go up and down with waterslides, enjoy the waterfall, dive into the artificial river and aquatic structures. The entertainment is assured! You can start your adventure at Beach Park in within 30 minutes from Fortaleza. Taxis, cars, shuttles and uber are easily available too.

2. Morro Branco

To enjoy the splendid coast of Ceara, visit the city of Beberibe and Morro Branco. The seashore and beautiful ponds make the stunning scenery with having red-white sand dunes cliffs at the background. Here you can go horse riding all through the dunes, sailboat around the seashore or just lie around watch the beauty! It would take only 1 hour 20 minutes to reach Morro Branco from Fortaleza via taxi or drive. You can also take a bus from Fortaleza till Aquiraz and then had to take a taxi to reach Morro Branco.

3. Canoa Quebrada

For the full day adventure from Fortaleza, you can head towards Canoa Quebrada. The beach is one of the well-known in Ceara and known for its timeless beauty. While sunbathing, don't miss the chance to taste some fine seafood in the huts after which, go for buggy rides around the dunes for some more views! The journey time between Canoa Quebrada and Fortaleza is only about 2 hours 30 minutes via taxi or car.

4. Cumbuco

Cumbuco is one of the best day trips that can be arranged from Fortaleza. This paradise landscaped beach offers several activities to make your adrenaline rush and to relax your body on white sand. Before winding up your tour check out some amazing bars and restaurants and take a refreshing dive in the Parnamirim pond. The destination can easily be reached via a direct route through taxi or car in just 30 minutes from Fortaleza.

5. AguasBelas beach

Located in the municipality of Cascavel, AguasBelas beach offers tourists to dive into the waters of Atlantic Ocean. The place is perfect to enjoy the afternoon with marvelous sceneries and food. You can also check out the nearby villages and bars for some change. The natural crystalline water of the pool is worth a dip! The drive from Fortaleza to AguasBelas beach takes around 1 hour. From the harbour where the ferry drops tourists can easily walk or take local transport to go around the city.

6. Lagoinha, Paraipaba

While counting the day trip from Fortaleza, Lagoinha is one of the best! Situated in the district of Paraipaba, Lagoinha was once known for being a hiding place for pirates and is now the most popular beach. Fisherman colony, palm trees, colourful dunes, and shiny water are all part of this beautiful landscape. Lagoinha is 1 hour 30 minutes away from Fortaleza via a direct route through taxi or drive. Or else you can first land on Cumbuco via bus and then hire a taxi to reach Lagoinha.

7. Rio Mundau

One of the jewels of the coast of Ceara is Rio Mundau beach which is still untouched and isolated. Located in the Trairi region, the beach was once home to Potiguaras Indians and now considered as one of the serene beaches in the northeast. The scenic views of yellow-sand dunes and the long-stretched sea are the perfect pictures to be in while on vacation! The journey time between the two spots via ferry is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The list doesn't end over here as there is more to discover with every trip. The views of the places are magnificent and would take you in a different world full of paradise view. Happy seaside days!

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