Best Day trips from Florence

Best Day Trips from Florence

Best Day trips from Florence

Florence is an inescapable location for people traveling across Italy. And why not! The city has its own airport and all things touristy to unwind! Talk about the gorgeous canals or the city’s rich history and culture, the centuries old museums and churches or the simple, romantic vibe of the city, everything is as worthwhile as any other European town. But besides this gorgeous city’s magnificence, Italy has a lot of other jewels that demand not more than a day to be explored. Picturesque hill towns, sprawling vineyards and endless wineries abound this European region, offering way too much than anticipated to the weekenders. So if you seek an extended vacation to Italy, consider these best day trips from Florence:

Val d Orcia one of the best places to visit for a day trip from Florence
1. Val d’Orcia

A portal to the past taking you directly into the bustling street of the civil life of the yester years, Bruges lies at a distance of barely 100kms from Brussels for a day tour. Largely a pedestrian city, the best way to explore the city is to take a reece on foot. A traditionally fairy-tale medieval town, abounding with picturesque cobbled lanes and dreamy canals linking photogenic market squares lined with soaring towers, historic churches and old whitewashed almshouses, this is one of the most rushed place in the list, flooding with tourists especially in summer. One of the easiest and time saving options to take a day tour from Brussels to Bruges would be the rail costing you slightly over an hour. Another alternative is to take a bus that takes around 1 hourand 20 minutes, or driving for the same while.

2. Pisa

Of course you have the Leaning Tower of Pisa on your bucket list! This world famous spire would have been all the more gigantic, had it not begun to lean during its construction. Standing parallel to it is the magnificent Duomo di Pisa, a must visit. However, between the Leaning Tower and the Square of Miracles, the city has a whole world to unwind. Stroll in the narrow streets to find out more about this quaint town. Pisa is an hour away from Florence, whether you choose a bus, train or car ride.

Pisa one of the best day trip options from Florence
Siena one of the best places for a day trip from Florence
3. Siena

This small city with a bug personality gives close competition to the authentic charm of Florence. While maintaining its 13th century architecture and treasures, the city draws millions of Italy aficionados to its main square- Piazza del Campo. Featuring ample bars, restros and Italian cafes, Siena is circumscribed in a breathtaking countryside. You can reach from Florence to Siena in less than an hour by train. Bus it is better to go for a bus, as it gets you right to the heart of the city.

4. Cinque Terre

Seek a hiking recharge right in the nature’s nest? Try the Amalfi Coast that leads to Cinque Terre. This assemblage of five colorful villages offers the best vistas of the shore to adventure seekers. That and the scrumptious Italian cuisine; it’s downright insane! If on a day trip to this side of Italy, prefer the short hike up to Santuario della Madonna di Montenero. This coastal region houses countless hidden gems that would surely make your day! To reach Cinque Terre from Florence, the best way would by renting a taxi or driving yourself. This would take about 2.5 hours. Public transportation would take much longer.

Cinque Terre an ideal place for a day trip from Florence
Lucca, recommended place to visit on a day trip from Florence
5. Lucca

Small and wealthy, Lucca hosts a large number of tourist attractions in a small area. Hence, is chosen as a popular day trip from Florence. Replete with beautiful churches and gardens, you will find Tontoretto’s Last Supper and the Tomb of Ilaria del Carretto safely places in Duomo San Martino. But the city’s ultimate show stopper is its pedestrianized Renaissance Wall, topped with trees, offering a great place to ride a bike. Take up a train from Florence to Lucca that takes about an hour and a half. Other options are bus, taxi and car rental.

6. Chianti

For wine lovers visiting Italy exclusively for its grape drinks, there is no better day tour than the sprawling Chianti Wine Region. Located on the hills between Florence and Siena, this region is replete with verdant landscapes and country roads that get you to the offbeat hilltop towns of Italy. Chianti is a half an hour drove from Florence. Prefer to take a road trip and pull over wherever you notice wineries and olive trees.

Chianti one of the best places to visit for a day trip from Florence
Monteriggioni best destination for day trip from Florence
7. Monteriggioni

Another significant medieval gem successfully treasured and restored, Monteriggioni owes its recognition to Dante’s Divine Comedy. What makes it unique is its collection of exterior walls and fourteen towers on square basis, giving it an entirely different look from the rest of Italian villages. The nearest train station is about 4 km away from Monteriggioni. So the best ways to reach would be car or bus.

To enjoy the place to its fullest, you need to device a map of places according to you. For the proper allocation of the nightlife, match your list with ours.