Best Day trips from Edinburgh

Best Day Trips from Edinburgh

Best Day trips from Edinburgh

Draped across a series of rocky hills overlooking the sea, Edinburgh is unarguably one of the most beautiful cities in Europa. With buildings and monuments perched atop the precipices and overshadowed by cliffs, this town has intimately entwined the civil life with its landscape. Filled with quirky come-hither nooks tempting you to explore, this is one city that begs to be unravelled. Profuse with quirky come-hither nooks tempting you to explore, this is one city that begs to be explored. Besides being a pristine city itself, it is one of the best connected ones, having the best collection of one day trips in Europe. So while experiencing this beauty with beating hearts, here is the collection of best day trips from Edinburgh that you can experience in the vicinity:

North Berwick one of the best places to visit for a day trip from Edinburgh
1. North Berwick

Located almost under Edinburgh’s nose, North Berwick is a picturesque town fringing the seaside. The best way to enjoy this town is by simply buying an ice-cream cone from one of the local vendors and strolling around the beach, as you dip your toes in the retro paddling pools, or simply sit and observe the wild treasure of birds. For the more publically inclined people, there is an availability of cute little shops, coffee spots and bustling pubs. Other major attraction in the area includes the paddle boarding on the water and venturing to the top of the North Berwick Law to find the whale jawbone replica. Located at a distance of 26kms from Edinburgh, there are three ways for commutation. Train and buses take approximately 40 minutes, while a road trip will get you there in about 50 minutes.

2. Falkirk

Be prepared to be enthralled to your spine as you enter Falkirk, a gorgeous town nestled in the Lowlands of Scotland. Fraught with modern wonders including Falkirk Wheel and the Helix, this town gives an unparalleled concrete experience with the world's largest sculptures. For the history enthusiasts, the city has a huge collection of antique treasure to offer including, Antonine Wall, Callendar House, Blackness Castle and Dunmore Pineapple. However, one thing that your visit will be incomplete without is The Kelpies, the largest equine sculptures in the world. Located at a distance of approximately 30kms from Edinburgh, the preferred mode of commutation in this case is the train, taking 25 minutes of travel time. Other options involve bus that takes about 37minutes and car costing almost an hour to reach from Edinburgh to Falkirk.

Falkirk Town is one of the best places for a day trip from Edinburgh
St. Abbs, one of the most recommended places for a day trip from Edinburgh
3. St. Abbs

A community with a rich heritage and spectacular location, St Abbs is the perfect location to escape from the city bustle and seek solace. Awash with post-card sceneries, walking trails, sweeping cliffs, and silver sand, St. Abbs is the closest one can get to heaven on Earth. Catering to a wide stratum of tourist including couples in love to the hardcore adrenaline junkies, this place offers the purest piece of nature on a plate to the visitors. One of the must visit destination in the place includes Number Four, a fantastic wee Contemporary Arts and Crafts Gallery. There are 5 ways of travelling from Edinburgh to St Abbs including train that takes around 2 hours, Buses costing 2 and a half hour and East coast Buses consisting of around 3 hours of travelling time. The other options include driving or taking a cab each taking around 1 hours of travelling.

4. The Lammermuirs

If adventure is one of the elemental parts on your bucket list, then Pack your compass and a picnic, pick your map and make your way to the Lammermuir Hills. Forming a natural boundary between the Borders and Lothian, the mystical Lammermuir Hills, are the perfect place to break from concrete jungles, the hustle and bustle of town life and busy schedules and embrace the remote location and enjoying the sweet sound of nature. The hills are paradise to the nature lovers and photographers as they soak up this raw and undulating land of Scotland. If you crave alcohol on your way, you can turn towards to the pub grub in the nearby village of Gifford. There are many ways to commute from Edinburgh to the hills, including Train &taxi, taking around an hour, bus &taxi making it to the destination in 1 and a half hour and driving taking about one hour.

The Lammermuirs is the best location for one day trip from Edinburgh

To enjoy the place to its fullest, you need to device a map of places according to you. For the proper allocation of the nightlife, match your list with ours.