Best Day trips form Durban

Best Day trips form Durban

Best Day trips form Durban

A window into the aquatic life, Durban is the third largest city in South Africa. Boasting an Asian feel, this place is home to the largest concentration of people of Indian descent outside of India. Haven for surfers, the long beaches are lapped by the warm waters of Indian Ocean. Replete with mild subtropical climate and excellent infrastructure, this place acts as a honeycomb to tourists from around the globe.

With rich ethnic diversity to the natural wonders, this place is bubbling with activity. However for the proper South African experience, here is a rundown of the best day trips you can take from Durban:

1. Pietermaritzburg

Officially counted as an unabounded heritage city, the grand historic buildings hark back to an age of pith helmets and midday martinis. Containing of a very contemporary mix, the city is a home to a lot many students, making it a city of the youth. Set amongst the forested hills and rolling countryside of the Natal-Midlands, Pietermaritzburg is one city that managed to save its Victorian heritage. Simply stroll down the lanes to witness the beauty in the various cultures. Located at a distance of 78kms from Durban, the most rushed trip can be taken in a car or cab taking 45mins to 1 h. Other options include buses taking 1h 10mins and train taking 3 hours.

2. Howik

A steadily growing country located in the Kwazuli Natal; Howik is an ideal holiday destination with a vast range of activities and sites catering to a large stratum of visitors. Some of the outdoor activities you can expect here include Picnics, Putt-putt, Hikes and Walks, to Bike Riding, Fishing, water sports, zip lines, and horse riding. Featuring an excellent local market, this is one good place for the shopping enthusiasts. There are three ways to complete this journey including the buses taking a little less than 2 hours, and the taxi and the car taking 1h 10mins of the road time. There is no availability of train travel.

3. Estcourt

A tourist attraction itself, Estcourt, is said to bear some comparison with the ancient city of Rome. Some of the major attractions in the vicinity involve the Drakensberg Region, the Midlands Meander, Ladysmith, Weenen, Colenso Berg, Bush and Battlefields Route. Located at the confluence of the Bushmans and the little Bushmans River, this place is one of the prettiest sights to look at during the time of dusk and dawn. Located at a distance of 173kms from Durban, there is bus service available taking you 2 hours of road time. Other option is to drive to the place taking you 1h and 50mins of road time.

4. Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park

Roughly pronounced as shloo-shloo-wee, Hluhluwe is a small village, known around the world for Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park. Overflowing with beauty and a far-reaching variety of landscapes, this park is one of South Africa’s best-known, most evocative parks. There is wide collection of fauna including lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, giraffes, buffaloes and African wild dogs. The lack of the thick vegetation in certain parts of the park makes it easier for the visitors to spot the wildlife. Located at a distance of 270kms, the best way of travelling by the public transport is to take a combination of bus and taxi to the place taking a totality of 4 hours. Another option is to take the trip privately taking you 2h 45mins of travel time.

5. Richards Bay

Located on the sea edge of a primitive floodplain almost midway from Durban to Kosi Bay, Richards is one of the most beautiful towns in Southern Africa. After starting initially as a makeshift harbour, Richards Bay is home to some of the most pious and unsullied beaches and wetland scenery on the northern coast of KwaZulu Natal. Featuring a large number of sandbanks, mudflats, freshwater pans, exquisite mangroves and forest areas, this place is one that you surely wouldn't want to miss. There are two possible ways of the commutation, the bus taking you 3 hours of road time and the car taking you 1h 45mins of travel time.

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