Best Day Trips from Dresden

Best Day Trips from Dresden

Best Day Trips from Dresden

After being victimized by the post-war destruction, the former capital of Saxony, Dresden, stands peacefully today in the country of Germany, with a bountiful history and a newly built Old Town. One of the best baroque cities, Dresden is filled with culture and history at its heart! Also, the lush green landscape and architecture displays make the city worth a trip.

But that’s not all, the nearby cities of Dresden are as beautiful as this one. Here is some suggestions to head start your journey of day trips from Dresden:

1. Meissen

To see a Wettin Dynasty's castle is like a trip to heaven! Meissen is the nearby town of Dresden, known for the Albrechtsburg Castle standing upright above the town and river. This 15th-century castle is a popular tourist spot in Germany due to its large spiral staircase, decorated rooms, and paintings. Adjacent to it stands the specimen of the medieval period and gothic building- The Meissen Cathedral. The city of Meissen is also known for its porcelain work. You can take a tour to porcelain manufactory to see the artists working and past examples of their work. Reach the city of Meissen via train, tram, taxi or car in just 30 minutes from Dresden.

2. Annaberg- Buchholz

The little town of Annaberg- Buchholz is an amazing place to visit while hopping in Dresden. The place is blessed with the St. Annenkirche church, having a magnificent interior architect that’s decorated with wooden carvings. Not only the church, but ManufakturderTrauma Museum also displays exceptionally stunning wooden work. Also, the town's history pages contain some mining reference, and this can explicitly be seen in the museum opposite the church that lies beneath the ground. Before calling the day off, do visit the Frohnauer Hammer Museum, a fascinating spot that depicts an iron-working mill. A road trip from Dresden to Annaberg- Buchholz is the only direct route, taking around 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the destination. Also, you can catch a train till the station of Chemnitz, from where, you can hire a taxi for the destination.

3. Mortizburg palace

The gorgeous Schloss Moritzburg is a hunting lodge and a happy summer palace built in the 1500’s. Decorated with the acclaimed hunting trophies and paintings, the palace is open for public tours. At foot stands the Pheasant Castle, another hunting lodge decorated with rococo finishes and stunning paintings. Rent a car, or hire a taxi to get there in 30 minutes.

4. Leipzig

Leipzig is a great day trip from Dresden that actually deserves more than a day! It takes you along the path of history and worth a trip for architecture enthusiasts. The place houses many galleries and museums to display its rich culture and history. Apart from museums, the main attractions of the place are- Old Stock Exchange, the Federal court, Augustusplatz, Russian Memorial Church, St Thomas Church, and Leipzig Zoo. You can reach the city of Leipzig either by a train, bus, rideshare or taxi, as per your needs in just about an hour.

5. Saxon Switzerland national park

The vast wild landscape of limestone pillars, river Elbe, the rich Lilienstein mountains, Koenigstein fortress is the perfect description of Saxon Switzerland national park. The place is worth a visit and offers a wonderful experience as a day trip from Dresden. The little tram goes all around the village of Bad Schandau and Lichtenhain waterfall. The most popular sight of the place is the Bastei bridge and Pravcicka Gate. Reach the national park by catching the train for Bad Schandau, from where, you can hire a taxi or rent a car for the further journey to the park. Also, you can directly hire a taxi or rent a car from Dresden itself. It will take around 1 hour to explore the National Park.

6. Gorlitz

This river town is best known for its gothic and stunning architecture. Gorlitz has some of the best tourist spots which include- a well-preserved old town, St Marienthal Abbey, St Peterand Paul's church and Fat tower, besides a bunch of attractive museums and a zoo. So, while here squeeze as many places as possible in a day while on the tour! You can reach Gorlitz and in 1 hour 20 minutes via bus, train, rideshare or self-driven car from Dresden.

With its canals, cathedrals, museums, galleries, and palaces, Dresden is an amazing tour! The place offers different day trips to tourists to experience and dive into the country's heritage!

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