Best Day Trips from Costa Brava

Best Day Trips from Costa Brava

Best Day Trips from Costa Brava

The Spanish city of Costa Brava is world-famous for its diverse landscape, beaches and coves, crystal clear waters, excellent food and centuries old cultural legacy! The charm of the old days can still be felt in the watchtowers with the narrow streets, whitewashed houses, fishing boats and traditional dishes. Amazingly wild in some parts and perfectly manicured in others, the city has the best Blue Flag beaches. Beyond these, Costa Brava also gives art, history and outdoor activities, besides being home to some of the best archaeological sites in Europe.

However, if you wish to enjoy a nice vacation in this part of Spain, make sure that you also explore the little pieces of heaven and fairy tale like places that surround Costa Brava. Some of the best day trips from Costa Brava are:

1. Girona

Not technically a town or a village, but a visit to this golden city is a must when travelling to Costa Brava. The view of the L’onyar (river houses) is a treat to eyes. You can leisurely spend your day in museums and galleries. But don’t forget the Gothic Churches that make Girona Cathedral eerie with those whopping staircase that lead you up! It is about 50 km away from the main city centre of Costa Brava and both car and train can be used to reach Girona. But a road trip would take just 45 minutes and train take 90 minutes to reach Girona.

2. Cadaques

Cadaques is an amazing whitewashed town that has got a vibrant and uplifting culture and fiestas n festivals all year round. It’s a town packed with endless hours of exploration. Despite being a small town, there is a lot to do in here. Wash off your sins by heading to the Esglesia de Santa Maria, the gothic hilltop church dating back to the 16th century. The most amazing highlight of Cadaques is its vineyards. Try the Cellar Martin Faixo, where 14 acres of vines are harvested by hand, and produce over 50000 bottles of wine a year! It is about 30 km from Costa Brava and you can reach Cadaques by both train and a rental car. By train, it takes up to 1h 50m and car take barely 40 minutes to reach Cadaques.

3. Blanes

Fishing is the core of this town and with fishing comes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The best month to visit Blanes is July, during the International Fireworks competition which is a spectacle here and an even bigger show than London New Years Eve. And if fireworks is not you thing, then climb up to the San Juan Hill for brilliant view of the Blanes. To reach Blanes, a drive of 1h and 10m is what it takes Costa Brava. Buses take about half an hour to get you there.

4. Begur

It’s a town that gives you an escape to beaten tracks with its colourful and lively charm. Begur offers a spread of delicious restaurants, boutique hotels and dreamlike streets. It is 57 km from the main city centre and the fastest way to reach Begur is by a car which takes about an hour. You can also take a train but it will take 2h 30m.

5. Calella de Palafurgella

This day trip from Costa Brava has a reputation of being one of the most beautiful coastal villages in Spain. It gives you the fairytale vibe with its white houses, wooden boats on the beach, rocky inlets and hidden caves. In the centre of the city, you get a no. of water side cafes, restaurants serving delicious local food. It is 65 km away from Costa Brava and the best way to reach here is by a car which takes about an hour to reach Calella de Palafurgella.

6. L’Escala

There is no better place than the town of L’Escala if you wish for a culturally enriching holiday. The town has got silky smooth waters all surrounded by lush green mountains. It also has got history of Greeks and Roman in the Archaeological museum of Catalonia and has a pulse racing festival for food called as Anchovy Festival. About 30 km away from Costa Brava, reaching L’Escala takes a drive of about 30 minutes, and also is the fastest way to reach since the train takes about 2 hrs to reach there.

Visiting Spain is like treasure hunt because there are many places that are untouched; but there is beauty all over!

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