Best Day Trips from Cordoba

Best Day Trips from Cordoba

Best Day Trips from Cordoba

Cordoba, the second largest city in Argentina most frequented for its picturesque beauty and stunning landscapes, attracts tourists from all parts of the world. People here are fun loving, with an obsessive fondness for Cuarteo music, the drink of Fernet and Coke, besides the famous rally car racing. A wonderland of natural beauty that is sure to not disappoint you, Cordoba trip has rivers, waterfalls and hillsides to offer. Boasting a great night life where parties hit at 11pm and go on till dawn, the city is worth going if you seek a holiday that’s both crazy and peaceful.

A cherry on top is the fact that Cordoba is as gorgeous inside as in the periphery. Enjoy number of Cordoba day trips that are sure to create some long lasting memories. Some of the best day trips from Cordoba are:

1. La Cumbretica

A day tour to La Cumbretica can be one of the most exciting things to do near Cordoba. This trip gives you a perfect insight into the ancient heartlands of Argentina. Witness the beauty of ancient mountains and Los Molinos Dam. The stunning vistas of Rio Tercero and Los Molinos Lake are simply a treat to eyes. Besides the beauty, you will also gain knowledge about the revolutionary Che Guevara. To reach here, buses leave every hour from the main bus station of the city and reach La Cumbretica in 2h 30minutes. You can also get a taxi from the city and take a drive of 2hr to reach La Cumbretica.

2. Punilla Valley

This place has that ethereal beauty that makes this day trip equal parts mind-blowing and heart-etching! Here, you get to gawk at the most stunning views of the mountains, beautiful villas and the alpine town. Witness how people lead traditional lives in the villages of Capilla Del Monte. The folk music and culture of the people here is also very different and tourist oriented. Buses leave twice daily from the main bus station and take almost 1h 45minutes to reach Punilla Valley. You can also get a taxi that will drop you to this beautiful place in an hour.

3. Villa Carlos Paz

This place is widely known for its stunning instagram-worthy views and beautiful landscapes. Visit the San Roque Dam, Cuckoo Clock and the Hydroelectric Power Station. You will also get to witness the spectacular sceneries of Camino De Las Cien Curvas while travelling. Then there are a great number of affordable restaurants here to retire for the day while on your way back. Buses from the main city station take an hour to reach Villa Carlos Paz. You can also reach by taking a cab in 30 minutes.

4. Calamuchita Valley

The natural beauty of this valley is sure to take you to another level! Get to see the UNESCO listed monuments in Calamuchita Valley. Besides this, you will also get to see the region’s rich culture heritage. The jaw dropping scenic beauty of the villages nearby is simply unmatched! You can reach Calamuchita Valley by buses that take 2h 30minutes to reach. A taxi from the city will take 1h 30minutes to reach.

5. Sierras Chicas

This day trip to te mountains will be etched in your mind forever! The wide view of the beautiful landscape of this mountain range is mesmerizing for both young and old! Visit the artists’ villa on your way to Sierras Chicas. The resort town of Unquillo offers a stunning view of the mountains. Then is the beautiful monument La Capilla Vieja, a joy to visit! Also, the La Quebrada Dam and the Nu Pora Hill are worth your time too! You can reach the beautiful range by bus that takes 2h 30minutes to reach. A ride by taxi would take 90 minutes to reach.

6. Alta Gracia

A trip to Alta Gracia lets you indulge in the traditional life of people residing in the region. Make a visit to the Virgen de Lourdes Grotto and the Nuestra Senora de La Merced Church for some history dose. To reach Alta Gracia buses leave from Cordoba twice daily and takes 45 minutes to reach. You can also rent a taxi or maybe drive yourself, and take a ride of 30 minutes to reach Alta Gracia.

Plan a visit to the beautiful city of Cordoba for the most stunning scenic day trips and fill your Instagram with everlasting memories! Mountains, lakes and hills are not only unique but also way too tourist-friendly!

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