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Best day trips from Copenhagen

Day tours from Copenhagen

When the city is as rich in beauty as Copenhagen, you wouldn’t want to leave the premises! Being the epitome of Scandi cool, this city is the ideal romantic spot with beautiful streets, motley of culture and a blend of history all present under just one umbrella. However in the close proximity of this idyllic city, there are places profuse with offerings that provide you the actual Nordic experience. From the beguiling fishing town of Dragør, to the plethora of Castles including Kornberg Castle, to the museums and world-class collection of modern art, Copenhagen offers a wide assortment of options to spend the day. To aid you in the decision of choosing the best trips, here is a rundown of the best day trips and excursion from Copenhagen:

Kronborg Castle ideal location for one day trip from Copenhagen
1. Kronborg Castle

The base setting of the fictional character Hamlet by Shakespeare, Kronborg Castle has been standing above the water at the head of the Øresund Sound in Helsingør right from the 1420. Today witnesses the place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After being rebuilt in the 1640, the authenticity of the place did take a swoop, offering an open exhibition of the Renaissance interior and German woodcarvings. Another thing Kronborg Castle is famous for in Helsingør and the vicinity is the staging of performances of Hamlet every summer. The fastest way to reach Helsingør from Copenhagen for a day trip is train taking around 45 minutes to cover the distance. Some of the other options to the reach the place include car and buses, with travel time varying due to the traffic.

2. Frederiksborg Castle

Another spire on the charts, the Frederiksborg Castle is set in the beautiful Baroque gardens built in a Renaissancestyle. This magnificent marvel also suffered fire damage in 1859, claiming almost all the authenticity causing it to be rebuilt in the original style. The Palace Chapel which was able to survive the fire, along with almost all the rest of the palace is today devoted to the Museum of National History. Thanks to this, the place is a paradise for the history enthusiasts exhibiting the history of the castle and of Denmark, along with a sizeable art collection that includes historical paintings, portraits and modern art. For a day trip from Copenhagen to Frederiksborg is by train. However, other ways include driving taking around 40 minutes and buses taking up to an hour.

Frederiksborg Castle one of the best places to visit for a day trip from Copenhagen
Viking Ship Museum, best day trip from Copenhagen
3. Viking Ship Museum

Spectacular display of the Five Viking ships that were recovered from underwater displayed in a hall, Viking Ship museum is one of the must visit destination on the list. Exhibiting the fascinating history of these ships and their recovery and preservation, this will provide you a deep insight in the Nordic maritime experience in the prehistoric and medieval eras. After fascinating as the ships in the shipyards, you can witness the building of reproduction Viking ships and other traditional Nordic wooden ships. After this take a cruise on the beautiful Roskilde Fjord, to experience the life of the sailors with full force. Take a day trip from Copenhagen to Viking Ship Museum by rail, driving or bus; all of which take almost the same time.

4. Dragør

Taking the pedestal of being the prettiest villages in Denmark, Dragør is the city you go to simply relax and take a break. With a landscape that gives you an opportunity to bike ride across the Amager Fælled moorland and along the coast, you get to experience the local life and the traditions of this town closely. Besides having a strong agricultural and fishing history, the summer witnesses the place as a hub for art and music festivals. Simply bring a picnic to enjoy overlooking the water or indulge in one of the many beautiful cafes or restaurant at the harbour to let the pious place grow over you. One of the most preferred ways by tourist is to hire a bicycle and bike your way from Copenhagen to Dragør. Another option is to take a bus from Copenhagen.

Dragor, one of the best place to visit for a day trip from Copenhagen