Best Day trips from Constanta

Best Day Trips from Constanta

Best Day trips from Constanta

The largest and the most important port city located on the Black Sea, Constanţa is a constant summer getaway for visitors from around the globe. After cleaning up the long neglected area around the port, Constanţa is now a place worth visiting. Complete with good museums and a pretty portside, this gorgeous city is brimming with best restaurants in the region. Some of the best sights in the region include National History and Archaeological, Natural Sciences Museum Complex, Roman Mosaic, Naval History Museums, and Casino. However, for a well-elaborated Romanian experience, you need to widen your horizons. So here are the best day trips that you can take from Constanţa:

Bucharest one of the best places for day trip from Constanta
1. Bucharest

The Romania capital, known for its dynamic, energetic and hip and happening culture, Bucharest is one place where still, unreconstructed communism meets unbridled capitalism. Nicknamed as the "Little Paris", this city houses elegant early 20th century architecture showing French influences. Replete with beautiful cafes and trendy restaurants, this is one place where the laid-back sightseers come to have a good time. Whether it is a demand for cocktails or a candle light dinner with your loved one, Bucharest is one place to hold a variety of things you can pursue. The distance from Constanta to Brasov is 227km, and the most comfortable journey can be taken by the train taking a total journey time of 2h 30mins. The other options you have are buses taking a little over 3 hours or driving down the way in 2h 15mins.

2. Brașo

The 7th largest city in Romania, Brașov is located right in the heart of Romania, snuggled in the laps of the Carpathian Mountains. Renowned for its mountain resorts with a pleasant atmosphere and best cleanliness records in the country along with great transport and amazing delicacies. One of the most visited places by the tourists from round the globe, some of the major attractions in the places include the Old Town, The Black Church, Tâmpa Peak, The Braşov Citadel, Biserica Sf. Bartolomeu, Valea Cetăţii district and the Braşov Zoo. Other than that, a plethora of music festivities are held from August to September, turning this place into a musical mecca for beat lovers. Though located a little far from Constanţa, the pain of travelling from Constanta to Braso is definitely paid well by the visit. For the purposes of a day trip the best option is to drive the way taking you 4h 15mins. Another option is to take the train taking 5h 30min to reach. Begin your day tour early and you won’t miss out much!

Braso, the best destination for a day trip from Constanta
City Of Calarasi, one of the famous destinations for day tour from Constanta
3. Călăraşi

Located in the Călăraşi County, Călăraşi is located on the south-eastern part of Romania near the Danube River. A place boasting a beautiful collection of several beaches and parks; Călăraşi is the perfect town to separate yourself from the concrete crowds. Best for solo trips, this place is the kind that inspires you to pen your experiences down. With the availability of several beaches, this is one of the most precious sights during the time of dusk and dawn. Specially designed for the people that enjoy fishing, Călăraşi is renowned for its fishing opportunities thanks to the nearby islands and marches. Another one of the attractions here is the museum of Muzeul Dunării de Jos giving you a window into the colloquial archaeology, ethnography and art collections. Located at a distance of 146 kms the trains offer the most comfortable journey covering the distance in 3 hours. Other options include taking a cab or driving the way taking you one and a half hours.

4. Mangalia

One of the all rounder towns, Mangalia will let you delve deep in its historical beauty, civil charm, Romanian architecture and refreshing resorts. With 600 meter long beaches, you will have opportunity to spend time on the fine clean sand and even frolic in the shallow blue waters. A delight to watch during the sun-up and sun-down hours, another water body in the city is the Lake Mangalia lined with rich sulphuric mezo-thermal water spring making it a sight for sore eyes. Some of the other attractions include Callatis Archaeology Museum, Turkish Esmahan Sultan Mosque and the Limanu Cave. Located at a meagre distance of 42 kms from Constanta to Mangalia, the best way to travel is through the train, taking an average rail time of 1h 15min. Other options include buses taking less than an hour and cars taking 45 minutes.

Mangalia one of the best destinations for a day trip from Constanta