Best Day Trips from Christchurch

Best Day Trips from Christchurch

Best Day Trips from Christchurch

Though having its heritage heart hollowed out in the year of 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, Christchurch is one of the places that are amidst an epic rebuild, making it one of the best places to play as base for your exploration in the area. To hold a candle against the architectural, cultural and the general environment of Christchurch is tough to match, the ones surrounding the region are beauty redefined. However, to find yourself in a place like Christchurch, the confusion about where to go and what to visit for the day you wish to spend away is obvious!

Hence, to help you fumble with the options and find the best, here is a list of best day trips you can take in the region. So pack your travel sack-bags and grab your bottle, as we take through the best places to visit in the region:

1. Kaikoura

A place claimed to be like nowhere in the world, a place where mountains amusingly meeting the sea, making it enchanted, complete with the wildlife plentiful and the fascination history looking you in the face! Located at a distance of three hours from Christchurch, Kaikoura is a paradise for people who like their interactions with the Mother Nature without any interruptions of the bustling crowds. The ones who enjoy the outdoor activities like biking, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding, fishing tours and river rafting are the ones that also might be fascinated by the wondrous exercising activities in the region. Other than that, the much adored fascination in this area is its captivating history and intriguing remnants of Māori and European settlement of the area, easily according for the entirety of your day. Located at a distance of about 182 km from Christchurch, Kaikoura is barely a 2 and half hours’ drive away from the city. Buses also frequent regularly between the two cities, taking about 2h 45m to reach.

2. Arthur's Pass & Selwyn

If there was one word that described the region, it would be 'Sensational'! A place in the middle of nowhere might make you to question what this quaint city has to offer, but the answer would be simply everything. From the Selwyn's scenery, outdoor pursuits, food, wine, gardens, ski fields and hospitality, you will soon realise that the word truly suits the region. The best place to be for people who enjoy nature, hiking and mountain climbers, making the Arthur's Pass National Park is one of most favourite destination for the people around the globe. One of the most beautiful parts in the region is the Lake Coleridge plus New Zealand's first hydro lake and a famed fishing lake, making it a perfect place just to sit by the water and watch the time go by. The best way to explore the region is to set on your foot and become one with the nature of the place. At about 150 km distance from Christchurch, the best way to reach Arthur’s Pass is by car, getting you there in about 2 hours. Then there are bus and train services, taking a little over 2 and half hours to reach.

3. Akaroa & Banks Peninsula

If there Is something that could count as the most beautiful place in the world, Akaroa and the Banks Peninsula are surely to be among the forerunners! The peninsula will provide you with picturesque vistas with every turn you take, complete with a thriving artisan culture and the perfect marine environment that teams up with the wildlife, making it a beautiful hue of greens and blues all mixing up in a surreal settlement. You can simply spend a day enjoying the exquisite French character of the Akaroa Township; a complete seaside retreat located just 90 minutes away from Christchurch. Boasting its rich history as a French settlement, beautiful clean streets lined with spectacular historic cottages cloaked in roses, Akaroa can be defined as a place that has frozen in time encapsulating all the charm. The best region to relax in the area, out of the stressful concrete life, this is the sort of place that people come to find their freedom from the crowds and devote time to spirituality and novel writing. You can simply watch the time slip by in the shops and craft galleries or find yourself in a fine local food joint to sip wine or in a cafe drinking coffee enjoying the people pass you by.

Though leaving a place as beautiful as Christchurch can prove to be a tough task, risking missing these beautiful places would be something worse. Take your pick!

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