Best Day trips from Casablanca

Best Day trips from Casablanca

Best Day trips from Casablanca

The word Casablanca will conjure up the image of romance and swagger of the 1942 classical movie for almost the entire mankind around the globe! With an atmosphere ghastly varied from the other countries, Casablanca is a living example of a perfectly balanced, modern yet traditional nation we endeavour to create. A largely adored money-minting hub, where young Moroccans come to seek their fortune, this city is generally the first taste of Morocco for the tourists around the globe as well. With a brilliant downtown, replete with French-colonial design and traditional Moroccan style architecture, Casablanca is a hard place to part with.

With a city so endearing comes a lot of neighbouring town equally fascinating. So here is a rundown of the best places around Casablanca where you should plan a day trip for the complete Moroccan experience:

1. Essaouira

Nicknamed as Alizee or Taros in Berber, Essaouira is a coastal beautythat has managed to retain its traditional heritage and character. Known as the 'Wind City of Africa', the beaches are renowned for the strong winds blowing during the summers, causing this town to be often overlooked by tourists during the same time. But a famous hot destination during the months between April and November for surfing and wandering through the spice-scented lanes and palm-lined avenues of the fortified medina, browsing through the many art galleries and boutiques and watching fishing nets and traditional boats being constructed making it the popular fishing town. For this distance of 300kms, the best way to travel for a day trip to Essaouira is by a cab or driving the way through, taking about 5 hours one way.

2. Oualidia

Brimming with charming crescent-shaped lagoons fringing with the golden sands and rocky breakwaters, Oualidia is abounding with great fish restaurants and delicious oyster dishes, thus becoming the perfect place for people to relax, surf and gorge on shellfish. An ideal oasis from the concrete deserts, this cute little town is a popular getaway for weekend and day trips for the Marrakshis and Casablancais. Another fact advocating its greatness is the plethora of migratory birds including pink flamingos, avocets, stilts, godwits, storks, waders, terns, egrets and warblers making the place a nirvana for the birdwatchers. One of the most comfortable journeys can be done through the Moroccan railways, taking 3 hours for the travel time. Other options include taking a cab or driving down to Oualidia, taking you a total road time of 2h 30mins.

3. Salé

Though often overlooked by the tourists, Salé is one place you can't afford to miss if you want a clear insight of the intricately designed 14th century madrasa. One of Morocco's hidden jems, this place is a jewel in the wooden artwork in the architecture and foe the sale purposes. A stroll down the streets will face with you old men sitting in run-down cafes, children playing in the streets and women bringing back bread, the typical 1900s civil life. The fastest journey can be done through a car or hiring a cab taking you 1 hour of road time. However the more comfortable journey preferred by the people is the rails taking 1 hour and 20 minutes.

4. Fez/ Fes

Considered as the supremely self confident city with a beauty in each sense historically, culturally and naturally, Fez is a city beguiling visitors since a long time. In a state of perpetual pandemonium, the city will provide you with a situation that will make some of you fall in love and others recoil in horror. Blind alleys lead to squares complete with exquisite fountains and streets bursting with aromatic food stands, this place has that good eerie feeling we read about. One of the fastest methods for the travel is to drive from Casablanca taking 3 hours. If comfort is what you demand out of your travel, then train is the thing for you, taking a little less than 4 hours. Another option can be a bus taking 4 and a half hour for the same distance.

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