Best Day Trips from Caracas, Venezuela.

Best Day Trips from Caracas, Venezuela.

Best Day Trips from Caracas, Venezuela.

Caracas, one of the truly spectacular cities on the planet, boasts cultural, architectural and other attractions that hold a lot of weight in Venezuela tourism. Definitely a forerunner in the commerce industry, a trip to Caracas would be a fascinating one to explore the city’s excellent art, food and nightlife.

But it’s not just within the city that you find the best experiences; once you get out and explore the outskirts of Caracas, you get a lot to gawk at! Whether you are a fan of sports activities or scenic waterfalls, day trips from Caracas would be a jack of all trades to experience it all. Starting from the Beauty of Los Rogues or the bohemian life of El Hatillo, choose whatever pleases you and head to the destination. Try out some Best day trips from Caracas, Venezuela:

1. Archipelago Los Roques

A short trip from Caracas takes you to the islets of Archipelago Los Roques to enjoy the ivory- white hue beaches and transparent waters. The National Park was created in 1972 to protect the marine ecosystem here, and is one of the most exceptionally beautiful areas of Venezuela! Coral reefs host some beyond gorgeous flora and fauna of the Caribbean, near the mystical beaches of white and multicolor sands, crystal clear waters, ideal for diving, sailing, and fishing. The natural beauty of the beach attracts visitors from far and wide, with Scuba drivers, sailors, and pilots considering a day trip to Los Roques to be a very interesting place! The park is also renowned for underwater immersion, kite surfing and if that's not it, you can also fly over the Archipelago with an ultra-light glider! In Los Rogues, there are 60 Inns serving spectacular sights of the beach. The park is located about 160 kms from Caracas. You can choose to catch a bus to the coastline and the ride will take you around three hours.

2. Colonial Tovar

A trip out the Mountain town of Colonia Tovar, ensconced in the Cloud Forest is totally worth your time in Caracas. La Colonial Tovar is a small town in Venezuela's Aragua state. The town is unique because of its remarkable urban heritage and beautiful mountainside setting. There's a lot to do in Colonial Tovar. One of the best notable landmarks in the tiny village is St. Martin's Church, home to documents and artifacts that date back to the early days of the colony. Other than that, the city is also home to a Beer Factory and a Museum. You can choose to indulge in enjoying folklore songs and listen to the history of the village. And if you are up for some athletic activities, get ready to find plenty of options like walking, trekking, or paragliding. The best way to get here is by a bus from Caracas, taking around 2 hours to reach here. You can also choose to rent a car that gets you here in about one and a half hour.

3. El Hatillo

This neo-colonial town is located 15 km southeast of downtown and is a perfect destination to spend your leisure time and grab some meal. Here in the small town of el Hatillo, you would want to spend most of your time simply wandering in the streets! There’s a large mall here but that's not it, you would rather want to try on your hands on the window shops on the narrower sidewalks. Window shop as many crafts and artistic jewelry shops and be sure to sample some of the homemade sweets at one of the many local pastry and candy shops. There are frequent festivals, art galleries and live music hosted in the town as well. The best way to get here is through a taxi from downtown Caracas that takes about half an hour to reach.

4. Sitemares Ecoposada

A two-hour drive from Caracas brings you to this large gated compound scheduled on a huge beautiful oceanfront property that you can safely stroll all the time. There are movie nights on the lawn, beach born fires where you can completely forget about any hustle and bustle your lives. The long hilly walk down the ocean view road is lined with sculptures, making this destination perfect for a getaway. The best way to get here is through your own vehicle that takes around 2 hours.

Don't forget to carry your stamina with you once you step outside the city of Caracas to explore its mystical outskirts.

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