Best Day trips from Cape Town

Best Day trips from Cape Town

Best Day trips from Cape Town

A culmination of cultures, cuisines, landscapes and people, the term ‘beauty in diversity’ is most righteously used for Cape Town. Seductively snuggling beside the mountains, Cape Town is one place boasting natural beauty with pride perched on the iconic Table Mountain. Along with panoramic views stretching to the glittering Atlantic, the place is bubbling with an irrepressible sense of adventure with a provision of a range of outdoor activities from hiking, biking surfing to paragliding to whale watching trips and cage dives. However if planning a vacay here, why just limit your adventures to the boundaries of Cape Town?

Here is a rundown of some of the best day trips from Cape Town to make your holiday all the more fulfilling:

1. Paternoster

A tiny hamlet located on the West coast, there is a line of simple whitewashed homes set against the blue sea, giving a spectacular view of the simple life. A charming little town, Paternoster homes some of the country's best restaurants with the best chefs in the vicinity, giving you dishes that tantalise the taste buds you didn't even know existed. Fine food with the ocean view and a good collection of wine, makes this place the perfect romantic getaway you were waiting for With wide roads and beautiful drive the best way to reach the place is by renting a car and driving the way through, barely taking you 2 hours of road time. One more option is to hire a private taxi or cab to take you the way, preferable for large groups.

2. Hermanus

Once a small fishing village, Hermanus today is a large bustling town with excellent restaurants and shops. A perfect destination for day trips, this is an extremely popular spot amongst the South African holidaymakers. One of the main attractions in the place is the Walker Bay Hermanus, considered the best land-based destination in the vicinity, a getaway where you can witness the whales. A majorly pedestrian town, this place is easily navigable on foot with a plethora of cliff path walk and plenty of other hikes in the hills surrounding the town. Located at a distance of 120kms from the city, the best way to reach the place is to drive the way taking barely 1 hour 30mins of road time. Other options include buses taking 2h 40mins and trains taking 2hours on average.

3. Riebeek Kasteel

Located on the slopes of the Kasteelberg castle mountain, this is one of the oldest towns in South Africa. With a wide plethora of small cafes, restaurants and pubs the place has a distinct local flavour, Riebeek Kasteel is surely one you should give the astronomical privilege. Some of the major attractions in the place include De Oude Kerk Museum, The Olive Boutique, Aitsa, A La Maison, NG Church, Jan Smuts Museum, and the Olienhout “Post Office” Tree. Located at a distance of 87kms from Cape Town, the fastest way of travel is to drive the way taking 1h 15mins of road time. Other options involve trains taking 2h 10mins and buses taking 1h 45mins.

4. Franschhoek

Considered the darling of Winelands, Franschhoek was settled by the French Huguenots over 300 years back bringing their vines along with them. Carrying on the lineage, the town clings to its French roots, with an amazing celebration of Bastille Day during July. Regarded as the country's gastronomic capital, the options of the food available here are bound to make it hard to decide on one. Along with this, there is a selection of art galleries, wine farms and stylish guesthouses, earning it the title of the loveliest towns in the Cape. Though the reputation of Franschhoek has been jeopardized by that off Cape Town, the city is in fact adequately safe. To cover the distance of 75kms, the fastest way to cover the distance is car or taxi taking you almost an hour to cover the distance. Other options include train taking 1h 40 minutes and bus taking 1h 15mins for the same journey.

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