Best Day Trips from Cannes

Best Day Trips from Cannes

Best Day Trips from Cannes

Well, the Film Festival spells out enough about the glamour and razzle dazzle of this cute little French isle, but hey! There’s a lot more to Cannes than just tuxedos and full length gowns on the red carpet! The atoll’s natural beauty construed in its harbour, the bay, the old quarters and the clutch of offshore isles are well endowed enough to keep you on your toes! Not to mention the couture shops, designer bars and Palaces of La Croisette- the wealth and glitz of Cannes never cease to light up your eyes. With so much of everything, tourism in Cannes is sure to witness a boost!

And surprisingly, the neighbouring areas exhibiting lovely seaside villages, quaint hilltop towns, spectacular vistas and gorgeous towns are an added reason to visit this face of French Riviera! So if you are seeking suggestions for the best day trips from Cannes, we have more than you can ever cover! Check out these fantastic places to explore around The City of Film Festival; places that are counted as the top day trips from Cannes:

1. Monaco

This teeny royal principality is the most frequented day trip from Cannes that has an overabundant glamour and charm, considering its 2 km circumference! Perched high on Le Rocher high above the sea, Monaco puts to display that subtle Mediterranean charm of palm trees and lush greenery! Visit Palais du Prince here, home of the royal family. Then there’s Monaco Harbour, a tourist spot in Monaco where fancy exhibit of yachts justifies the wealth that this tiny isle holds! Designer boutiques, upscale eateries and five star properties are common sites everywhere you look in Monaco. Cannes to Monaco is a 55 km stretch that can be covered by public transport in 1h 15m. Alternatively, road trips take more time due to the traffic jam in Nice.

2. St. Tropez

With barely a few thousand residents living on the isle, the population of St. Tropez rises 10 times during summers! Day trippers from across France flock to St. Tropez’s beaches, stationed mostly outside this small village. Pampelonne, Tahiti, the old port, everything is so perfectly gorgeous and clean. Savour the local flavour, even sip in a rose wine at one of the many surrounding vineyards. Being an exclusive place that it is, St. Tropez is accessible only by car or boat. Road trips can be a mess, traffic jams are a perpetual thing around this part of France. Cars and taxis take an hour an a half, while boats get you there in 1h 15m tops.

3. Eze

This medieval village perched atop 400 metres above the Mediterranean Sea is a vantage point for offering excellent vistas of the French Riviera from Nice all the way to Monaco! This once fortified village houses all things antique, from cobblestone alleyways to quaint bougainvillea trimmed courtyards, to those tiny art galleries displaying local artists. Travel is Eze is as dreamy as living a Hollywood movie for real; especially if you visit Jardin Exotique- a lush garden with sweeping views of the coastline. For adventurers, there’s a hiking trail in Eze that traverses a rather steep path all the way down to the beach. An hour drive by road from Cannes, you can reach Eze by public transport in approx 2 hours.

4. Esterel Mountains

The jagged hillsides and rugged peaks of Esterel rise immediately behind Cote d’Azur coastline between Cannes and St. Raphael. The distinct earthy hues of this mountain owe their godliness to the ancient volcanic rock that Esterel is made of. The steep cliffs and spectacular gorges are a haven for every adrenaline junkie! Stop by at Agay, a sunny village at the foot of Rocheuse du Rastel that offers excellent water sports opportunities. Esterel Mountains are a 40 minutes drive from Cannes if you take a car or a taxi. Public transport however, is not available for this region.

5. Antibes

A bustling resort town, Antibes renders a delightful one day trip from Cannes with its cultural and natural attractions. The Old Town is a mecca for walkers, offering sweeping views of the Mediterranean from its cobblestone streets. Visit the Picasso Museum and Chateau Grimaldi here, two popular tourist spots in Antibes. For the hiking lovers, there’s a 5 km seafront walk along Chemin des Douaniers. If you are visiting in July and have a knack for music, Antibes is where you got to be! Jazz a Juan Festival creates a spectacular outdoor theatre by the sea, drawing world famous musicians in Antibes. Public transport gets you to Antibes in barely 15 minutes, while car takes half an hour to reach from Cannes to Antibes.

6. Grasse

To what Chanel owes everything, the flowery fields and fragrance factories of Grasse are the reason you smell so good! This quintessential Provencal hilltop town is all about roses, jasmine, orange blossoms, lavender and violets- things used to prep essential oils used in fragrances. The Perfume Museums educated travellers about the history of this town’s endowments. The 20 km stretch between Cannes and Grasse take barely half an hour, whether you take public transport or choose to go by car.

Southern France is infamous for getting cramped for road trippers. So if you are travelling by road across France, make sure to keep some buffer time in hand. Au revoir!

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