Best Day Trips from Cancun

Best Day Trips from Cancun

Best Day Trips from Cancun

One for all, all for one- Cancun lies on the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Having a lot to offer to every visitor from extravagant to budgetary, this Mexican holiday destination has fantastic avenues for shopping and dining, besides a plethora of historical places to unravel.

But guess what! The real fun of a trip to Mexico lies not only in the Cancun boundary, but also the vicinity of the city. Here are some of the best day trips from Cancun:

1. Tulum

One of the last Mayan built cities and an ex-trading centre, Tulum stands upright overlooking the sea. The ruin of Tulum is well restored and best known for the view of the Caribbean Sea. Apart from ruins,, the place also has beautiful beaches which offer water sports like snorkelling and kite surfing. To dig in some caves and cenotes you can go explore the hidden world Cenote Park near Tulum. Buses commute between Cancun and Tulum, taking a minimum of 1 hour 50 mins. Also, to reach Tulum you can hire a taxi, rent a car or take a shuttle for the same time.

2. Cenotes

These Mayan's sacred water formations make a wonderful day trip from Cancun. To explore some amazing cenotes, go around the town of Yucatan and on Ruta De Los Cenotes, the Cenotes trail. Some of the best cenotes of the place are- the untouched Bocas mostly popular for scuba diving; Grand Cenote; and the most popular Ikkil. But the best known and recently discovered cenote Rio Secreto in Yucatan takes the centrestage! Boasting 15 different entrances, it takes you in and around some shady but fascinating places! Rio Secreto is just 1 hour 10 mins drive from Cancun. You can commute via bus or taxi.

3. Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres offers a great opportunity to get away from the hustle-bustle of Cancun. To spend your day around the beach, Playa Norte is best. Take a dip in water, try water sports, boat tours or visit the underwater museum. But while in Isla Mujeres, do visit the Temple Of Ixchel. Though the temple is not aptly restores, but the views from around the temple and the cliff are worth a climb! The only travel mode between Isla Mujeres and Cancun is via ferry which takes 30 mins to drop the tourists on the location. The ferry dock is in Puerto Juarez which is a few minutes away from Cancun.

4. Chichen Itza

The best-maintained archaeological site of Mexico, Chichen Itza is among the list of UNESCO world heritage sites and recently added into Seven Wonders of the World! The main attractions of the site are – El Castillo, 30-meter tall pyramid also known as Pyramid Of Kukulkan; glorious Temple Of Warriors; the wall of skulls, Tzompantli; the largest ball court; and the cenotes. The place truly depicts Mayan culture and their advancement through its sophisticated constructions. This 2 hours 15 minutes journey from Cancun takes you towards Chichen Itza. You can go via bus, taxi and drive.

5. Xcaret park

Built on the Mayan ruins, Xcaret is the theme park which offers some great natural attractions and makes one of the best day trips from Cancun. This park offers water sports, animal encounters, an underground river, a walk to the Mayan ruins and recreated Mayan village. What not to miss while here is the cultural show, including folklore music and dance, which takes you from starting of Mexican history to the end of present days. While here, check out destinations like Xel-Ha and Xplor. To reach Xcaret from Cancun, it takes you 1 hour from bus, taxi or car.

6. Valladolid

If you want to get on the streets of some colonial town away from sound and sand, then Valladolid is a perfect day trip for you from Cancun. The colourful colonial homes, the old church of San Bernardino and easily accessible cenotes are few among the many attractions of Valladolid town. Apart from in -town cenotes, there is short-drive-away secluded cenote- Dzitnup Cenote which makes for a marvellous escape. The destination is 1 hour 50 minutes away from Cancun for which you can take the local bus or a shuttle, hire a taxi or drive by yourself.

Apart from the ones listed, there are many more unlisted destinations near Cancun. Explore the cenotes, dance with dolphins, dine at the colonial architecture or climb the pyramids- do all you want but don't stop until you see them all!

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