Best Day Trips from Cairns

Best Day Trips from Cairns

Best Day Trips from Cairns

Known as the adventure capital of the north, Cairns obviously has some reputation to maintain. The tropical city giving you the chance to witness the wet tropics and Great Barrier Reef; however those are not the only adventures you can indulge yourself in the region. A well connected place, Cairns can prove an excellent place to set base in lieu of the exploration of the entire surrounding region. Heaving under the weight tour agencies, souvenir shops, countless resorts and a thousand reminders of its proximity to the beautiful Reefs and its unbelievable beauty of its landscape, this place is so beyond amazing that you wouldn't want to get out! However, to help you find the best day trips from this beautiful land, here is the list of the best regions in the vicinity. So take out your list and match it with ours as we take you through the best out of the great:

1. Atherton Tablelands

Though if you are used to living with the greatest living wonders, the Great Barrier at your doorstep, you wouldn't be impressed with much else. However, the inland from Cairns will have an effect on your holiday that you won't forget. Driving into this fertile plateau in the Great Dividing Range, you will witness a blissful mosaic of rolling hills, timeless villages, tropical rainforests and the farm country, with enough memories for your memory bellies and post cards. You should start your day by enjoying your sunrise on a hot air balloon ride to learn the lay of the land, followed up by a paddock-to-plate lunch with the nature, with a delicious combination of cheese-tastings, handmade chocolates, roadside fruit stalls, topped off with a bottle of boutique Vino. This is one of the trips that you will regret if you don't go through with. One of the best and the most budget-friendly way to travel is to catch a bus from either the Cairns Central or from the Smithfield, taking you about 6h 15 m to travel. Another way to traverse through the road is to take your vehicle and drive through the National Route-1, taking you about 5 hours of journey.

2. Kuranda

Also known to people as the younger sibling on the Cairns family tree, Kuranda is profusion of a burst of colours and the best quirk in the sea of World Heritage forest, making it one of the destinations for one day trip. With the passage of time, the mountain village has morphed into a destination on its own unique its free-spirit, complete with the jaw-dropping modes of transportation, making you swoon over the views! One of the best regions in the neighbourhood in the Barron Gorge National Park, one that you'll ascend over the rainforest canopy. You should start you day in a gondola cabin with the bewitching views of the Coral Sea and the vast alluring Highlands; further you can spend the day exploring the forest layers to reach the Skyrail's two mid-stations: Red Peak and Barron Falls, making this place an excellent choice for a day trip. If you want to take in the scenic beauty, the best way to travel is by taking the rails, taking you approximately 1hours 45 minutes. Other options include buses taking 2 hours and your own car taking a mere road while of 40 minutes.

3. Por Douglas

Playing as a magnet for the tourism enthusiasts, especially for the cashed-up holiday goers thanks to the profusion of luxury lodgings included to the resorts town located in the northern region. The place has a plenty of offer day trippers that wont having to wonder how much you have in the bank. You can spend your day staking the coastline along the beautiful scenic Great Barrier Reef Drive, simply gazing down the water meeting the sky. The place will give you the seemingly endless stretch of coast running all the way from the rocks at the Island Point and the Yule Point, giving all the things you look for in beaches, rock pools , sun loungers and gentle rolling waves stocking catamarans down to buckets and spades. The day will be an adventure that would only end up being wonderful stories. One of the best options of travels include the bus, gliding through the safe and relaxing way to Port Douglas, taking around 2 hr 15mins of travel time. Other option includes your private vehicle taking an hour of road time.

4. Green Island

Counted as one of the most popular destination in the region, the Green Island is one of the smaller rainforest-clad coral cays offering one of the day trips in the region, especially for the nature lovers. When you depart from the Cairns Marina taking the famous day trips, you can expect to arrive at the island in a mere duration of one hour. People who are itching to get well-acquainted with the reef stat in the region, this will be an ideal destination. A perfect place to snorkel, a golden getaway for the complimentary gear and fringing reefs, you can witness off the island's shore. If you feel extra adventurous, then don a helmet and take a stroll along the sea floor of the lagoon on a Sea walker tours, making it one of the best experiences of your trip. The only way to travel across the ocean is to take a 45 minute ferry giving you a chance to enjoy the nature while travelling.

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