Best Day trips from Buffalo

Best Day Trips from Buffalo

Best Day trips from Buffalo

With a vibrant, creative community and strong local pride, Buffalo is the state's second largest city. One of the leading ports on the Great Lake, the city derived its name from beau fleuve after being settled by the French in 1758. Nicknamed as ‘Queen City’ after being the most prosperous one in the vicinity, Buffalo is renowned for its historical buildings, especially concentrated in the old Allentown district. Aside from this, there is a collection of art galleries, boutiques, and small restaurants. However, the trip to the states isn't complete without exploring a bit along the peripheries. Here is an index of the best day trips available from Buffalo:

1. Niagara Falls

A strong stream of water gushing down a stream over the arcing fault in the riverbed with thunderous force, rising from there are the great plumes of icy mist rising for hundreds of meters. Delighting thousands of witnesses daily, this is one place you just cannot afford to miss on your trip to US. After establishing its ethereal beauty, Niagara might not be all you expect it to be. Have a closer look at the thundering falls with the Maid of the Mist Boat Ride as you get set to get wet! For a greater adrenaline rush, try Cave of the Winds Tour where you get to walk along the Niagara River up to the hurricane Deck. The town will feel like a bustling outdated amusement park brimming with locals and travellers alike. However, the sight you witness here is something you won’t see round the globe. Located at a distance of 23kms, the fastest journey can be taken in a car taking half an hour. Other options include buses taking a little less than an hour and train taking 1h 15mins.

2. Ellicottville

A village for all seasons, Ellicottville is famed for its skiing resort, Holiday Valley during winters and the Griffis Sculpture Park during the warmer weathers. Thanks to the compact size of the village, it is possible to explore the entire place on foot. Being a tourist hub, this is the place where you will be surrounded by a number of restaurants and cafes, tantalizing aromas running in the air of the place. Some of the top sights in the region including Holiday Valley, Holimont Ski Area, McCarty Hill State Forest, Rock City State Forest and the Nannen Arboretum. To travel to Ellicottville, there are two options- the buses taking an average road time of 1 hour while the cars taking the same average road time. However, keeping in mind the pedestrian nature of the town, it is advised to choose the bus.

3. Toronto

The most multicultural diverse city of Toronto has over 140 languages spoken within its confines. Basically made up of immigrants from around the globe, this place will explain the meaning of the term 'diversity'. Housing some of the world's finest restaurants along with the hip bars and clubs, this is one of the truly energy packed city. Hosting some of the world’s greatest eclectic festivals catering to a wide spectrum of visitors, Toronto is almost like the microcosm of the entire world in its premise. Located at a distance of almost 100kms from Buffalo, one of the most time efficient modes of transport is the car taking 1h 50mins. The train offers you the most comfortable journey of 4h 15mins. Another option is the bus taking a little over two hours.

4. Cleveland

A place that worked hard in constructing itself from the ground, Cleveland is finally a city worth visiting. Whether it was solving the problem of urban decay or to clean up the public spaces, Cleveland has toiled hard in the recent years to prove how it is done to the world. Today, a visit to Cleveland will give you the opportunity to explore some of the major tourist attractions including Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, West Side Market and the Cleveland Botanical Garden. Keeping in mind the day trip the, most preferable mode of transport is to drive the way in 3h 15mins. Another option is to opt for the rails, the average train taking 4h 45mins.