Best Day trips from Buenos Aires

Best Day Trips from Buenos Aires

Best Day trips from Buenos Aires

The place effortlessly combining the faded European grandeur with Latin passion, Buenos Aires encapsulates the very essence of Argentina. Though often categorized as a concrete jungle, the city homes some of the most beautiful architectural gems in the Southern America. A beautiful reminiscent of Paris, replete with charming corners and tidy high-rise apartments, this place boasts its own distinct character by managing to preserve its old traditions even after being a metropolis. The birthplace of Tango, Buenos Aires complete with a happening nightlife, is a tough place to compete with. For the people with the spirit of a tourist, here is an index of some of the best day trips you can plan Buenos Aires.

1. San Antonio de Areco

Located right in the heart of the Pampas, complete with vast grasslands and the home to Argentina's cattle ranches, San Antonio de Areco is one of the must visit destination in the place. Dating back to the era of 1730s, the atmosphere of the place still is componential with the air of ranch, noticed especially during the November Gaucho Festival. Walk down the streets to witness the architecture preserved so well that it looks frozen in time. Some of the major attractions in this neighbourhood in Buenos Aires include Draghi Museum, Museo Las Lilas De Areco, Pulperia La Blanqueada Museo and the Museum and Cultural Center. Located at a distance of 110 km from Buenos Aires, the most comfortable journeys can be expected in a private taxi taking 1h 30mins of average road time. Other options include buses taking 1h 45mins and cars taking 1h 15mins.

2. Uruguay

The pretty colonial town of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay is one of the most beautiful day trips from Buenos Aires. Though beginning with a few border formalities, it is an easy ferry ride away. Walking down the lanes of the quiet stone-paved streets of Uruguay's oldest city is like taking a stroll down in the past (right in 1680!), when the place was established by the Portuguese. With a UNESCO World Heritage Site historic centre, the chief attraction is the beautiful town of Colonia del Sacramento. Viewing the town from the top of the lighthouse you will see the rises from the stone ruins of an early convent and a beautiful 360 view of the city's periphery merging into the Rio de la Plata. The options of the travel include car ferry taking 4h 30mins, Bus and ferry Buquebus taking 4h 45mins and Bus and ferry Colonia Express taking 4h 50mins. So to grab this one, prefer an early bird theory.

3. La Plata

The first completely planned city in the Southern America, La Plata was designed to be the capital of the province in the year of 1882. Following a consistent geometric plan of street grid with periodic diagonal avenues, the government building in the place portrays a number of varied of different architectural styles. In addition to planned streets, you will see a number of parks filling up the places in the every seven blocks making the place an interesting city to tour. Some of the major points of interest in the place include La Plata Museum, Plaza Moreno, The Crurtchet House and the Zoo de La Plata Zoo and Botanical Centre. The most comfortable journey can be observed in a train taking the average rail timing of an hour and a half. Other options include buses taking an hour and car rides taking roughly half an hour.

4. Tandal

A pretty collection of grasslands, streams, and eroded mountains, Tandal is an excellent centre for outdoor activities including mountain biking, hang gliding, kayaking, horseback riding, and rock climbing. A honeycomb for immigrants from Europe, especially descendents from Spain, Italy and Denmark, this place today is the most beautiful gastronomical culmination of the three making a special style of its own. Some of the major attractions include Reserva Natural Sierra Del Tigre and the Museo Tradicionalista Fuerte Independencia. Keeping in mind the day trip, the two options of travel you have is buses taking 5 hours or driving taking 3h 45mins of average road time.