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5 Best Day trips From Budapes

Budapest Day Trips

From its energy bubbling centre to its soulfully beautiful parks, its majestic river to its tall church spires, to be able to define the beauty of Budapest in words is not possible. One of the most exciting cities to be in, there would never be a turn in its road where you won't find a secret hidden complete with the undercover beauty of the history of the place to the old favorite spots to visit. Its breathtakingly beautiful Buda Castle, enchanting part in the Gellert Hill right up to the mystical views from the city from the Citadel, it is the perfect formula for having beauty in all aspects. The focal point of a plethora of terraced cafes, tiny precious parks, and design shops and of course the hidden architectural treasure, there are not many places that can hold a candle to the grace of the beauty, that is, Budapest. Here is the list of the best day trips to take from Budapest:

1. Eger

Located about 140 kms on the eastern end of Budapest, Eger can easily be counted among one of the most beautiful small towns in the entire region of Europe. Right from its rough count of 17 Baroque churches, to its Turkish minaret to the thermal baths, there is not one thing you can complaint about Eger. Built in the year 1837 in a classical style, the town is made up with twin towers, a wide staircase leading right up to its portico and a plethora of all of the other great views. Among the narrow alleyways of the Old Town you will also come across the Dobo Castle Museum and the Baroque Lyceum. One of the things that you just can’t afford to explore is the medieval Castle of Eger; built in the 11th century it accounts for one of the oldest miracle this place holds. For a day trip from Budapest, one of the most economical modes of the transport for the commutation is taking the bus accounting for a total of 1h 45mins of road time. Other options for a day travel include taking the train from Budapest to Eger, which is roughly 2 hours, cars and taxis taking a total of 1h 35-40mins.

2. The Danube Bend and the Vac

Snuggled up with the towns of Esztergom and Szemtendre, Vac is housed right alongside the sharp bend of the Danube River. Located around 34 km north of the Budapest region, a visit to this place is like taking a travel back in the time. Retaining its charm from its days of glory, this might be one of the most peaceful day trips that can be planned even along with the families. From the amazing views of the town’s silhouette complete with its characteristic church towers and the river curling up, to search for heaven you wouldn’t have to wander any further. With exquisite bridges to its narrow towers and pointed spires, you could expect to live a day like a king in a very reasonable price as it can all be explored on foot. One of the fastest and most economical options for a day trip from Budapest is to board a train taking you a total of 25-30 mins of travel time. Other options include the Line 2696 bus taking about an hour from Budapest to The Danube Bend and the Vac, Line 300 bus taking 1h 20mins and taxis and cars taking you about 35 mins of road.

3. Pecs

Set out on a day trip from Budapest to Pec, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hungary. Complete with a number of first-rate historical and cultural attraction ranges from the Early Christian burial chambers to the Turkish mosques, contemporary art galleries and a profusion of historical buildings in the region, there is not much doubt why it acts like a magnet for so many people from Budapest and around the globe. One of the must visit places in the region includes the Cathedral Precincts surrounding the lovely Cathedral of St. Peter and of course the Szenchenyi ter (located in the heart of the old market). Apart from this, you will witness a number include a number cathedral square and large courtyards of old houses dating back to the 3rd and 4th century. The best option for this day trip from Budapest is to board a train taking you a total of 3h 15mins of travel time. Other options include bus taking about 5 hours and cars taking 2h 15mins of road while

4. Szentendre

A compact little town located on the hilly right back on the Danube River, Szentendre is one of the most popular getaways for the people from the capital. A quaint little town, it gives its visitors the perfect countryside vibes. One of the most elemental parts of the place is the Blagovescenska Church; a Serbian Orthodox place of worship built in the 1752. Another appreciated part of the place is the F” o ter, the main square complete with its Merchants’ Cross and the beautiful old Church Square with architectural influences from the Catholic Croats of Dalmatia settled around the church. The best option for this travel is to get a train taking you a mere 40 mins of rail time. Other options for this commutation include cars and taxis taking you around 20-25 mins for the same journey.

5. Gyor

Snuggled up at the confluence of the Mosoni-Duna, Raba and Rabca rivers, right in the middle of the Hungarian Plain, Gyor is one trip that you just can’t afford to miss if you call yourself a travel bug. From its archaically beautiful Old Town, to the Bishop’s Castle and of course Vienna Gate Square, there are not many things that the visit to Gyor wouldn’t present. Yet again the best mode of transport for a day trip from Budapest to Gyor is the train, taking you a total of 1h 10 mins while other options include cars and taxis taking a total of 1h 15mins for the same journey.

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