Best Day Trips from Bucaramanga

Best Day Trips from Bucaramanga

Best Day Trips from Bucaramanga

The Colombian city, Buca, as called by locals, is a great city with the huge population. Packed with the skyscrapers and mountains, the city is not much known to visitors and is a great place to peep into the Colombian culture. The place has many jewels for tourists to explore in and around the city.

Bucaramanga provides the best centre to rotate in the Colombian cities and has great day trip opportunities. Here is the list for you to kickstart your journey of the best day trips from Bucaramanga:

1. San Gil

The small town of San Gil is the perfect picture of old colonial town. The main attractions of the place include activities like hiking and bike-riding through nature trails. The treks may include the visit to Curiti waterfall, strolling around natural reserve-Parquet Gallineral, and white water rafting in the waters of Rio Suarez or Rio Fonce. So, take your time and get mingled with the vibes of the town! Local buses and taxis are available to take you around San Gil from Bucaramanga in just 1h 30m.

2. Parque Nacional Chicamocha

If you want to get a tete-a-tete nature, then this is your place! Parque Nacional Chicamocha contains majestic views within its periphery. To fathom the beauty of Chicamocha River flowing through Chicamocha Canyon, you can take the cable car or ride the giant swing to click the panoramic views, or even zip line along the canyon and the buggy rides to go across the mountains. Whatever you choose, you are going to have a good time! The 1hour journey to Parque Nacional Chicamocha can be covered via bus, taxi, rented car, or Uber.

3. Filo De La Mesa De Los Santos

There are a lot of activities to keep you busy all day and definitely, the beauty keeps you enchanted. Rock climbing, enjoying the splashes of waterfalls, and meandering around coffee fincas are some activities to name. Relax your fullest here! It won't take more than 30 minutes to reach Mesa de Los Santos via taxi, car or uber from Bucaramanga.

4. Giron

Looking to go back into old days of horse carts, lazy atmosphere and cobbled streets, then Giron is a perfect place to spend your day. The place is home to many good artists and travellers though most of the time, the town remains high on temperature. Apart from this the main attraction of the town are- cathedral Del Senor de Los Milagros at Parquet Principal, Plazuela Peralta, Plazuela de Las Nieves and Capilla de Las Nieves. The whole place is yours to stroll on the streets, watching whitewashed houses, stone bridges, and meandering around the waterfront. Lying just 15 minutes away from Bucaramanga, Giron can be reached via daily commuting buses, taxis, cars or Uber.

5. Barichara

Deemed as the prettiest town of Columbia, Barichara is no less than Bucaramanga! This Colombian town offers the romantic vibes to its visitors along with the soothing environment and quaint colonial buildings. While hopping at Barichara, don't forget to check-out local artisans work, visit the cathedral of Immaculate and Santa Barbara church and do try some local dishes like Hormigasculonas. The destination of Barichara is only 1h 30m away from Bucaramanga and can be covered via bus, taxi or car.

6. Socorro

A small town with great significance in the history of Colombia, today Socorro is known for its colonial architecture, tobacco and sugarcane planted mountain landscapes. So while here, glance at the long fought independence history and take a walk through Parque de la Independencia and Casa de la Cultura Horacio Rodríguez Plata. Do go for paragliding and rafting for some adventure! Either take a bus, taxi or rented car to reach Socorro from Bucaramanga in 1h 50m.

7. San Vicente De Chucurí

Once fatal and now the safest, San Vicente de Chucurí has become one of the attractive places near Bucaramanga. Here you can visit Casa Memoria Histórica museum and find out what it's about or take a tour to one of the finest cacao farms to know a little more about your chocolates, or explore the airplane cave for some for adventure and dive into its pool. This 1.5 hour trip to San Vicente de Chucurí can be covered via taxi and cars which are easily available in Bucaramanga.

Day and night, everything can be best planned and executed in Bucaramanga with all its neighbouring regions. Now you know where to go, so, don't let anything hold you back!

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