Best Day trips from Bruges

Best Day Trips from Bruges

Bruges day tours

With soaring towers and beautiful lights, Bruges is the ideal fairy-tale medieval town. Awash with picturesque cobbled lanes and tranquil canals linking the post-card worthy market square overlooked by high-reaching towers, antique churches and old whitewashed almshouses, this is the actual fairy land village they talk about in the books. However the only downside to the place is the wide popularity, leading it to be brimming with tourists, especially during summers. Along with being a mystical wonder itself, this place is blessed with proximity to some of the most beautiful neighbouring towns and villages of Europe. If you're wondering what to do in in this city, set out on these 5 day trips and excursions from Bruges:

Ghent, ideal for one day trip from Bruges
1. Ghent

Lying at a 30-minute train journey south-east of Bruges, Ghent is another charming city with its elegant medieval architecture and beautiful collection of castles. With two rivers winding themselves through the city, Ghent boasts many ancient churches, museums and the epic Opera House. One of the most striking features in the place is the pedestrian only character of the city centre, giving you an unparalleled opportunity to experience the confluence of medieval charm and urbanity without all the honking and chaos. Located at a distance of 40kms, the most preferable mode of transport while traveling for a day trip from Bruges to Ghent is taking the train to reach in 25 minutes. Other options include bus taking half an hour, and driving taking 40 minutes.

2. Damme

Damme is a perfect little side-trip village located very close to Bruges. It is an ideal day trip destination from Bruges for those seeking a respite from the big city chaos. The best way to travel through the town is to cycle along the canals. Profuse with windmills and beautiful pathways, you can stroll down to the centre of the village with limited but delicious dining options and some taverns providing you the colloquial flavour. Climb up the Damme Church to get fantastic views of the village and countryside. One of the best ways to go on a day trip from Bruges to Damme is by renting a bicycle and biking your way down to the village, taking about 20 minutes to reach. Other options include driving taking about 10 minutes and buses taking up to 1 hour.

Go for day trip from Bruges to Damme by renting a bicycle taking 20 mins to reach
Diksmuide, ideal place for day trip from Bruges
3. Diksmuide

Home to the once obscured ‘Trench of Death’, the small town of Diksmuide is a short train journey south from Bruges. Famous for its butter, this quiet and lazy town, was ruined during the first and second world wars, acting as the main battle field for both. A memoir to the harsh times, showcasing the remnants of the yester years in the WWI museum, visitors can take in the smells of mustard gas which was commonly used during the war. For a day trip from Bruges, travelling by train takes around 1 hour and bus takes 1 hour 20 minutes. Cabs and cars take around 40 minutes for the same distance.

4. Ieper

Located near the French border, south of Bruges, Ieper is a beautiful small town with historical significance. Brimming with cobbled streets and nice restaurants, this is the place where you can literally get lost in the streets, and happily so! One of the biggest attractions is the ‘Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing’ which commemorates the soldiers of the British Commonwealth. Another attraction is the Sanctuary Wood complete with the lot of trenches where British built during the First World War. The best option for a day trip from Bruges is to take a train or bus taking around 1hr 45min in order to get to Ieper from Bruges. Other ways include cab and car rides, costing 45 minutes.

Ieper, most visited place for a day trip from Bruges
De Panne, best place for day trip from Bruges
5. De Panne

The westernmost part of Belgium, De Panne is the one town with has beautiful sandy beaches and excellent connectivity by roads. A significant transport hub, this is a place brimming with cars. With beautiful beaches and bistros in large numbers, De Panne is unarguably the most perfect destination on a hot summer day for a day trip from Bruges. Aside from the beaches, the surrounding dunes are one of the oldest in the entirety of Europe. Awash with beautiful bike routes in the vicinity, De Panne hosts no rivalry when it comes to bike riding. With a total distance of 58kms, the drive takes around 38 minutes, train & tram taking around 1 hour 37 min.

To enjoy the place to its fullest, you need to device a map of places according to you. For the proper allocation of the nightlife, match your list with ours.

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