Best Day Trips from Brisbane

Best Day Trips from Brisbane

Best Day Trips from Brisbane

Snuggled up between the beautiful oceans and the rough national parks, Brisbane, the buzzing riverside capital of Queensland, is one of the best places to fumble for culture, gastronomical wealth and the beautiful artistic capabilities. The place is famous for its almost seamless combination of the close proximity to the nature and the classic laid-back Queensland charm. An acting gateway of the wonders of the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, this city is indelibly one of the most profound places one can find themselves in, and almost no visitor has ever complained of lack of things to pursue. However, for the ones who do not wish to be locked in a single place, the life and the land beyond Brisbane is also something made out of the novels. But in a place as beautiful as the capital of Queenstown itself, the confusion about what to pursue and what to let go of is apparent. So to help you through the best of the places circumscribing the beauty that Brisbane is, here is a list of best day trips you can plan from the capital:

1. Moreton Island

If you find yourself in the Brisbane region in Queensland, but do not want to explore further in the northern face of the land, then the island of Moreton is where you can experience the perfect tropical bliss! From its lulu beaches to the bushland, lagoons and dunes, the entire region is covered under the protection of the Moreton Island National Park & Recreation Area, occupying about 95% of the isle. Apart from a few scattered rocky headlands, the entire landscape is lined with sand, with the highest coastal sand hill housed in the region- Mt Tempest, towering high at a lofty 280m. If you find yourself off the west coast, you will witness the hulking and rusting Tangalooma Wrecks, providing you excellent opportunities for outdoor activities including diving and snorkelling. Along with this, you will witness a wealthy historical background, dating back from the early Aboriginal settlements, making it one of the most beautiful experiences in your journey. The best way to get to get there is by a ferry taking you directly to the Tangalooma Jetty in about 1h 15min.

2. Gold Coast

If we had to dedicate three words to this beautiful town, they would be sun, surf and beaches! A place working entirely on these three elements, this perfect beach town gives an almost surreal image from afar. With sandy beaches to walk on and bewitching sights to witness, from three hundred days of sunny summer to the beautiful hazy sunsets, from the blissful water temperatures to the countless surf breaks, this place is as close to heaven as Earth can get! With such an extended summer, surreal dusk and dawn settings, deep blue water running hand in hand with the concrete jungle, this is one place that can be described as the perfect party spot for any reveller. Counted as one of the most iconic destination, Gold Coast is one place that can be enjoyed by a wide stratum of people including nature lovers, peace lovers and obviously the party people. This almost mystical destination can offer you a nightlife experience that cannot be compared by many, thanks to its proximity to beach side and the young spirit of the locals. Bus and Shuttle Service can be employed used to take a comfortable journey across the places taking around 3 hours of travel time. Other options include trains taking 2 hours 15 minutes while cars and taxis taking around 1 hour 10 minutes of travel time.

3. Toowoomba

Known as the 'Garden city', Toowoomba is the Queensland’s largest and oldest inland city. The place also serves as the motherland of two of the national icons- the lamington and Geoffrey Rush. Perched on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, Toowoomba is located over 700m above the sea level. Today witnesses the place into a sprawling country hub complete with wide beautiful tree-sided roads and stately mansions. While not counted on the ‘place to see before you die’ list often, the place does have some tricks in the closet to surprise you. One of the major surprises is the Australia's largest traditional Japanese Garden earning its fame for the alluring collection of horse-drawn vehicles. Another curveball is the burgeoning cool factor of the place visible in the swelling number of hip cafes, bars, and eateries. One of the best ways to travel is to hire a taxi or drive down the path taking a total of 2 hours of travel time. Other options include buses taking 3 hr 30mins and trains taking 2h 45mins.

Though being stranded in a world of all beauty, it is tough to decide which parts don’t deserve your attention, to be sure of a successful trip, you know who to believe! Bon Voyage!
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