Best Day Trips from Bratislava

Best Day Trips from Bratislava

Best Day Trips from Bratislava

Visiting the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava demands a little more attention from its tourists because of its beauty and simplicity. You can get anywhere in the city and never be disappointed as it has the best attractions for everyone. Also, there are plenty of options to go with when talking about day trips Bratislava.

Here are the few of the best day trips from Bratislava to begin with:

1. Devin castle

Perched high on a cliff overlooking the Danube and Morava River, Devin Castle is one of the oldest castles of Slovakia. This palace was home to many nations and communities including Romans and Celts who used it as a military castle. This place is magnificent to visit and has a lot of history attached to it. Once on the top adore the view vineyards and churches of town on one side and river on another. The views are fabulous and worth clicking! The castle is 20 minutes away from Bratislava city and the only direct route is via taxi or drive.

2. Vienna

You can easily hop to another capital city from one capital city. Traveling to Vienna, Austria's capital is a wonderful experience and especially with the boat trip from Bratislava. While here, you can go around exploring the wine gardens, blend with the coffee culture, and shop at the Golden Quarter or Naschmarkt. Also, Vienna respects culture and art, therefore, home some amazing galleries to check out before leaving the place. The city is full of liveliness and energy! You can easily get to Vienna via train, taxi, bus, drive, ridesharing, and ferry of 1hour 10minutes.

3. Mikulov

‘Piece of Italy moved to Moravia by God's hand' is the exact words penned down by Czech poet about Mikulov. The most attractive wine town of Moravian region, Mikulov makes a perfect day trip from Bratislava. The once Jewish cultural center, the town of Mikulov is hugged by White Mountains and splendid hilltops. The place has a lot to explore in its surroundings and in its history. Once done with all enjoy the fine tasted local wines for which the place is known! To reach Mikulov you have to hire a taxi or drive a car or take the bus service from Bratislava for this 1 hour 15 minutes trip.

4. Esztergom

Known for the sights of huge basilica standing above the Danube River and overlooking the town, Esztergom is a must-take day trip from Bratislava. Not only the dome structured castle, but the place also has many more historic attractions to offer. Esztergom is also the birth town of Hungary's first king St. Stephen and became the highlighting town of medieval Hungary. The walk in the Centre is always a good option while in here! Esztergom is the destination which can be reached in 2 hours from a train or a drive.

5. Visegrad

The small town of Hungary, Visegrad becomes one of the best day trips from Bratislava, Slovakia. On this trip, you can go hiking and follow the trail to reach the castle of the town and peep a little into history. The place is best to find about the Hungarian lifestyle! It takes 2hours 45minutes from Bratislava to reach Visegrad. You can reach via train or bus and you can also rent a car to reach.

6. Nitra

To see the flashbacks of thousand years, Nitra is the best place to be. Slovakia's oldest city Nitra has seen the history which many has forgotten. The main attraction of the place is its castle right in the center of the town and housed many Moravian rulers. Buses and trains commute daily for Nitra taking 1 hour to reach the destination. You can also go for the self-driven car, taxi, or ride sharing facilities to reach the location at the same time.

7. Trnava

Often referred to as ‘Little Rome' the town of Trnava homes many churches and cathedrals in its city center. Surrounded by the historic walls, the main attractions of the place are- The Town Tower, St. Helen's church, Basilica of St. Nicholas, sacred monasteries, and the two synagogues. The town of Trnava is only 45 minutes away from the main city of Bratislava. Rented taxis, cars, ride sharing, buses, and trains; all are easily available.

The city of Bratislava and all nearby towns have all the reasons to make you fall in love again and again with Slovakia and surrounding countries. If you travel here rewards are high!

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