Best Day trips from Brasila

Best Day Trips from Brasila

Best Day trips from Brasila

Frozen in the middle ages, one of the futuristic capitals of Brazil still maintains its image as the impressive monument to national initiative. Counted as one of the greatest architectural miracles, it evokes an airplane image when looked upon. Profuse with long distances and harrowing six-lane highways, Brasília demands a good length of time and a decent mode of transportation. You will experience the lively city in the backdrop covered by the futuristic facade from behind the wheel. The place playing a hub for architecture and design buffs, foodies and the night owls gives you an unarguably unique travel experience. For those exploring beyond the boundaries, here is the list of the best day trips you can plan from Brasília:

1. Goiânia

Counted as another one of the several planned cities in the region, the city of Goiânia was planned by a famous urbanist Armando de Godói, predating Brasília for almost 30 years. Considered as a base of exploration itself, Goiânia lacks some eye catching monuments or world famous wonder. This city provides you with a pleasant combination of parks, leafy avenues and high-rise buildings laid out around circular streets, giving you the ideal setting for a holiday in Brazil. Some of the attractions include Centro Cultural Oscar Niemeyer, Zoroastro Artiaga's Museum, Pedro Ludovico's Museum, Rio Vermelho Theater and the Bosque dos Buritis. For the people preferring private vehicles, Goiânia is at an easy drive of 2 and half hours. For those preferring public transport, there are three options- Bus Araguarina, Bus Viacao Goiania LTDA and Bus Expresso Sao Luiz, all of them taking approximately 4 hours 30 minutes of road time.

2. Uberlândia

Located on the Brazilian Highlands, lapped by the water of the Bom Jardim River, Uberlândia is a basic trade centre for raw materials of agriculture and clothing industries. However, a visit will confirm that the place can easily compete with any major metropolis in terms of infrastructure and populations. Some of the other attractions include Museu Municipal de Uberlândia, Praça Sérgio Pacheco, University Museum of Art - Muna, Parque do Sabiá Thrush Park, Municipal Park Victório Siquieroli and the Culture house. Located at a distance of about 350 km from Brasília, the only viable day trip can be planned in a car taking you 5h 45mins of road time to cover the distance.

3. Cristalina

A small town in the beautiful state of Goisa, it is located at a distance of 135kms from Brasilia. Earning fame for its beautiful shops of precious and semi-precious gems, you can also witness the large crystal reserves nearby. A heaven for outdoor enthusiasts, Cristalina offers a chance to go hiking, portraying the unusual rock formations, giving the trip an educational bend. The trips can be easily organised by the gift shops that are aware of the whereabouts of the guides. The most comfortable and time efficient journey can be observed in a car taking you 1h 45mins of road time. Other options for the travel includes Bus Expresso Vila Rica taking 3h 15mins and the Bus Araguarina taking 3h 45mins.

4. Itiquira Falls

One of the highest waterfalls in Brazil, your trip to the country can't be complete without visiting the waterfall. The waters of the fall, coming from the Itiquira River, are absolutely pollution free, with a bottling plant located on the river above the falls. Going a bit further in the upward direction, you will witness three other waterfalls, rapids and several swimming holes. If taking a venture in a downward direction, you will come across a series of small waterfalls, rapids and deep pools, in a rugged terrain covered by dense tropical vegetation. A perfect break from the concrete life, this place is probably one of the most visited attractions in the vicinity. The most comfortable journey can be observed is in a car taking 1h 45mins of journey time. Other options include taxi taking 2 hours, Bus Real Expresso taking 3h 20mins and the buses taking 3h 45mins.

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