Best Day Trips from Boston

Best Day Trips from Boston

Best Day Trips from Boston

Boston is a city of history. Political rallies, important battles and the evidence to all this lying in the National Historic Parks and Monuments is a testimony to its old world charm. However, the state is not still stuck in past, but is now a pioneering city with new art, trendy and modern shopping and the best nightlife. The Great outdoors is another reason to visit the state.

With a multitude of beaches, villages and towns to explore, Boston is barely a stone’s throw away from the best scenic beauties you can explore. So once you are done with the busy bustling streets of Boston, plan your days here to know more about American history and explore in the best day trips from Boston:

1. Plymouth

Plymouth Rocks marks the site in which William Bradford disembarked from the Mayflower and founded Plymouth Harbour Colony. A perfect place for all the Marine history buffs to visit and explore the great ship, you can also visit Monuments to Our Forefathers which also has the largest freestanding granite monument in the world. Take a bus from Boston that leaves hourly and reaches Plymouth in 50 minutes. You can also take a train that takes 60 minutes to reach. Taxis from the main can also be found that can give you a drive of 45-50 minutes to reach Plymouth.

2. Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a famous holiday destination that serves as a home to seafood cafes, quaint Massachusetts villages and a picturesque coastline. And the real gem is the Cape Cod’s oldest village, Sandwich. Also, the Heritage Museum and Gardens make a wonderful addition to a day trip, especially during summers, when the flowers bloom. Only buses can be taken from Boston to reach Cape Cop, taking 1h 30 minutes to reach the town. Taxis can also be rented that get you from Boston to cape Cod in about the same time.

3. Martha’s Vineyard

Here, you can visit the beautiful gingerbread cottages in Oak Bluffs. Another place is Edgartown, known for its captain houses and plenty of gifts shops. Don’t forget to visit the Aquinnah and the Gay Head Cliffs, the lighthouse is practically regal in its presence. Buses from Boston take you to Falmouth from where; you take a ferry to reach Martha’s Vineyard. You can also take a taxi from the city and go to Falmouth and then take a ferry. This whole journey takes 3h approximately.

4. Salem

Salem is known for its intriguing and old history. In 1600’s, it hosted the Witch trials and so till today, the spiritually curious souls visit Salem. Explore the Abbott Hall to see the famous painting “The Spirit of’76”. A train journey takes 30 minutes to reach Salem. You can also take a Bus that leaves the city hourly and reaches Salem in an hour. Alternatively, taxi gets you here in less than half an hour.

5. Plimoth Plantation

Plimoth Plantation is a living history museum that makes for a really enjoyable day trip. Walk with the pilgrims and learn how the colony was created. With the elements of 17th century England, Plimoth plantations feature the town Brook, where water powered grist mill still grids away. Buses leave from the South Station Transp. Centre to reach Plimoth Plantation in 1h 30m. You can also get a taxi from the city that takes 50 minutes.

6. Good Harbour Beach

Soft white sand and cold Atlantic Ocean tides make Good Harbour beach offer something for all! The beach has a lot to offer like swimming, boogie boarding and skim boarding if you are brave enough to do these in cold water. You can also take a walk through the shallows out to Salt Island on days when the tides are low. The best thing is to get your picnic and enjoy it in the beach or else there are dozens of restaurants and cafes around. Hop on a train to reach Good Harbour in 2 and half hours. Also, you can always get a taxi from the city that will drop to here in 50 minutes.

7. Provincetown

This town has been the best hangout place for artists, musicians and the LGBT community. Home to plenty of edgy nightclubs, speciality shops and art galleries, Provincetown boasts a modern look with traditional backdrop. Get on a ferry that takes 1h 30 minutes to reach Provincetown. Also a taxi from the city will drop you here in 2hr 30 minutes.

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